[Infographic]- How Brands Use Colors To Play With Your Mind Dsim.in

[Infographic]- How Brands Use Colors To Play With Your Mind

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Last updated on September 1st, 2017 at 11:23 am

Color is a very powerful – more than people would believe. The correct use of color is extremely vital to creating a positive image for your brand. Color and marketing go hand in hand with each other. Colors have the ability to convey messages and also play a large role in memory recall.

Different colors convey different meanings and emotions. Thus, choosing the right colors for your brand can effectively influence and impact consumers on a conscious and subconscious level.

So what does each color mean? And what color should you incorporate into your branding? DSIM hope the following infographic, which will help you use color more effectively in order to strengthen your brand’s identity.

Exciting, Active, Ambition, PowerEncourages appetite,Used  for clearance sales Trust, Dependable, Strength Stimulate productivity  Used in corporates, financial & government institute.Peaceful, Growth, Health, Nature Used in stores to relax customers Used for promoting environment issue.Innovation, Youthfulness, Approachability Cheerful, Confidence, Impluse Can create sense of anxiety Imaginative, Wise, Creative Royality, Wisdom, luxury Used for beauty & anti-aging products Authority, Boldness, Elegence, Tradition Symbol of intelligence Can often overwhelm people Purity, Simplicity, Safety, Cleanliness Symbol of neutrality Can be perceived as a clean slate Love, Feminine, Care, Sensitive Respect, Nurture, Possibilities Used for products to woman & young girls Optimism, Clarity, warmth To incite impluse buying Promote enthusiasm The only two colors used in the Coca-Cola logo are red and white, both appearing vibrant nevertheless simple in design as well as tempting the youth minds. The fonts are written in white with an energetic red background. Blue is one of the most universally adored colors across all demographic barriers.Red and white is very appealing to the youth.Red implies a sense of urgency and excitement.The Facebook logo comprises of a blue background and white font. The color of the logo signifies zeal and passion of the youth that formed this network The only top global brand which uses green as its primary color.The two-colored Starbucks logo characterizes the simplicity of the brand. The  green color promotes a sense of relaxation, inviting customer to take a coffee break & de-stress.

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