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Blog is a page of a website that is dynamic and people keep on posting information, news, videos or anything that interests and entertains the readers. In fact, the main objective of a blog is to educate and entertain people.

It is like your diary on the internet and as you can write anything and everything in your diary you can also write in your blog and at the same time on the internet you can be more creative by adding paid or free themes, pictures and videos of your own or you can directly use videos from YouTube and other popular sites. This makes your blog more entertaining, convincing and authentic.

The one thing that must be paid attention at the same time is the fact that your diary is still your diary and that usually no one else reads it. However, a website or any other content on internet is visible to everybody and so when good content can bring you goodies , bad content can bring you troubles as well. So, plan your content wisely!

The 3 Elements That Make a Blog Complete and Popular:

• Good quality unique content
• Content that teaches something new & constructive
• Content that entertains the reader

Why Blogging now a day is like breathing?

When you take birth, no one teaches you how to breathe and that it is something you do spontaneously. This is what blogging has become now! You don’t need to go through sessions of training to learn those software languages with some gibris characters to get started with blogging. All you need is the basic know-how of working on internet and the understanding of internet user interfaces.

There are many popular blogging sites such as Google’s blogging-Blogger and several others and then there is WordPress which is very popular because it helps you to earn as a professional blogger.

Now a day blog is made by both companies (large and small) as well as individuals. A company uses blog for providing information about the company’s update, product and services or anything that one feels to share whereas an individual can share anything right from the pets to family, to hobbies, etc.

Google Adsense!

Adsense is a wonderful platform to earn money by bogging and so it also tends to enhance your blogging experience. Google started a program called Adsense. It allows advertisement on a website. As you know companies all across the globe spend millions each year on advertisement and if some advertisements are coming on your website or blog then a good sum of money can be earned by this.

The Best Part!

Everything is looked after by Google itself so there is a certainty of earning your money. In fact there is adsense code- a generated program – and you can choose to paste this code in your blogging template.

Additionally Adsense allows you to set categories of the advertisement according to the content on your blog. So, this is how the ads relevant to the content make your Adsense ads look more like a part of your written content making it soothing for the readers and productive for the marketers at the same time.

So, if you can write your blog and enrich it with popular content, videos and pictures making it engaging, you can start earning with Google adsense quite easily.

When you write content on your blog and let’s suppose you are writing for any product then you have an added advantage which is that you can also add other affiliate links to your blog and make more money.

What DSIM covers in Blogging & Adsense?

At DSIM, you get to cover in and out of Adsense & Blogging starting from its introduction to how to get approval for Adsense, how to place ads on the blog and a lot more including a secret method that the expert shares with you on how to make money with Adsense. This is just a gist of what you will learn @DSIM, for the detailed course curriculum, you can always download it on DSIM’s website or simply click here!

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