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1) Number of Google Play users: more than 1 billion users

2) Total number of Android apps in the Google Play Store: 1.5 million

3) Number of apps downloaded from the Google Play store in 2015: 200 million

4) Growth of Android app downloads between 2013 and 2014: 50%

5) Percentage of total Android apps that are freemium apps: 98%

6) Percentage of all Android downloads that are games: 40%

7) Percentage of total Android revenue that is generated from games: 90%

8) Percentage of Android users that are on the latest version of Google Play services:  93%

9) Percentage of top grossing apps in Google Play store those are free: 96%

10) Google Play store’s share of overall European app revenue: 36%

11) Google Play store’s share of overall U.S. app revenue: 33%

12) Total Android App Installs: 48 billion

13) Number of Google Play developers: 388,000

14) Top revenue generating app in Google Play store: Candy Crush Saga

15) Top downloaded paid app in Google Play store: SwiftKey Keyboard

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