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We integrated seven courses which are designed to give individuals both option, job as well as freelancing. The syllabus is designed in such a way that it fulfills the requirement of job in initial phase and then focus on teaching entrepreneur skills in the second phase. Each and every part of the course delivers beneficiary material.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Brands always compete for a better place to advertise themselves. Search engine provided them the pages where search result displays their websites links known as search engine result pages (SERPs). Now the competition was for a better search rank. Every competing organization wanted their website links to be displayed on very first search result page to get maximum visitors. It gave birth to SEO. It efficiently resulted in higher traffic on targeted website.

Keeping the result in mind, organizations pay a huge amount on monthly or yearly basis to perform SEO for their websites. For the same purpose they either hire professional or outsource the project to freelancers or any SEO agency.

The trend recently entered India and in this early stage we took the advantage to deliver quality education and training individuals on this vital part of Internet marketing. Our first mover advantage provided us gateway to mark the needs in the recent market and choose professionals to share their skills and tricks in the term of SEO.

2. Social Media Marketing (SMM): The growth of Social Media has impacted the way organizations communicate. Existence of Social networking websites such as Facebook, twitter, youtube etc. gave organizations a freedom to communicate with a mass of population depending upon how they are targeted. These Social networking sites act as word of mouth. When the information about the product is being put out on these sites and is getting repeated, more traffic is brought to the desired website.

Now organizations actively take part in this communication process and for it they hire Social media marketing skilled individuals, who can actively upload, update or plan an event on such social networking sites.

Recognizing the growth of such flourishing opportunity, we integrated SMM as an essential part in Internet Marketing. Our qualified faculty crafted SMM learning in such a way so that it can give an efficient and effective outcome. We dedicatedly provide full coverage of the subject so that a passed out candidate can deliver a rich and quality service to a needed one.

3. Online Advertising: Online advertisement is most pioneer and profitable part of Internet Marketing. Visual ads have always been effective in attracting customers. Options like Banner ads, video ads, superstitial ads, interstitial ads etc. gave large selection options based upon publishers need. It have kept performing as a vital tool over billions of websites reaching more than 3 billion internet users.

This traditional way of advertising integrated with the booming technology kept organizations attracted and involved them to spend more on such profitable option. For this they always required professionals who can plan and publish their ads on well targeted websites.

Online advertisement is one of most preferred course in our institute. We teach what is the impact of certain type of online ads, how to choose and how and where to publish these ads. We tend to cover all aspects of online advertisements so that a certified candidate can directly work on any part of it.

4. Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Search engine marketing is an alternative way to increase visibility in SERPs through the use of paid placement, contextual advertising and paid inclusion. To become more relevant, SEM utilizes various means of marketing of websites. These advertisements completely depend upon keyword, but are specific and appear on the top or at a well reserved position.

Taking only North American advertiser, they spent more than 15 million by the year 2010. Indian advertisers spend more than 120 million. The reason of these figures is due to specific targeting of customers. Thus for the same purpose, organizations recruit candidate or hire services having the potential to handle this marketing task.

We focus on creating such potential so that an individual can handle a SEM job as well as establish his own SEM agency. Our teaching is based on understanding keywords and placing the advertisement at an appropriate position so that maximum traffic could be diverted on a targeted website.

5. Adsense and Blogging: Adsense is an ad serving facility run by Google Inc. After enrolling in this program one can receive text, images and video advertisements for their websites. On the other hand blog is a type of website or a part of a website. In it blogging is done by any individual on a regular basis by posting textual messages, commentary, description etc. Blogs mainly focus on some specific topics like sports, music etc.

Both of these terms encourages freelancing. One can request Google adsence for approval so that ads can be published on his/her website. These ads pay you on per click or per impression basis. Thus one can earn profit for his/her website. Blogging on the other hand works as a website where ads can be published and thus provide earning on a regular basis. One may link adsence and blog for a quick and efficient result.

Here at DSIM, we focus on understanding the concept of blogging and adsence. We delicately teach how to choose an appropriate web hosting for blogs, how to get Adsence account approved, what are the techniques of content writing and many more terms related to same. These all makes an individual capable of maintaining and earning through both.

6. Affiliate Marketing: In the concept of affiliate marketing, a business rewards one or more affiliates on the basis of his/her own marketing efforts. These marketing efforts are mainly for participating in sales or encouraging someone to perform sale. Thus a business shares a part of its profit in a form of commission.

Thus keeping the sales commission in a large scale, this program gives you an extra reason to be a freelancer.

DSIM found that Indians are still unaware of such earning option and took the responsibility to educate the way and techniques of affiliate marketing. We concentrate on Indian market scenario to find the trick of getting approved by world leading networks and pick the best converting offers.

7. E-Mail marketing: E-Mail marketing is a direct marketing tool which uses electronic mails to communicate to a potential audience. These mail can be for increasing customer base, maintaining relationship with existing customer or encourage customer`s loyalty.

Organization frequently needs candidates or freelancers to handle their E-Mail marketing needs. A candidate can earn salary or can earn profit by this mean.

Content writing is the most vital part in E-Mail marketing and we mainly concentrate on it. Here we teach how to choose contents and what types of words and sentences are to be used in an E-Mail, based upon its type.

As mentioned above, each course is designed to deliver an appropriate outcome with needed earning. We integrated all of the above in one single subject, i.e. INTERNET MARKETING. Imagine the power of complete knowledge with a resulting success.

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