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Creativity fuels intellectual well-being and to inherit the trait, you need not to walk miles. This is something that lies inside you, surrounds you and you just have to find the ways to meet it. When you begin doing this, you become something else, an individual inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun and there you go making people wonder where you get your energy from.

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1) Allow yourself to make mistakes: Don’t be a perfectionist, mistakes are proof that you are trying and don’t be afraid to criticize yourself. Treat mistakes as your teacher.

2) Say yes to new adventures: Not all those who wander are lost; this will let you come across new experiences in new flavors, fostering new connections.

3) Change your mind a lot: The best things occur unexpectedly and there you get chances to create your own sunshine. This helps your energy to be in flow.

4) Daydream & Doodle: Let yourself plan and discover, become a dreamer, thinker and doer. The dream is real, if not make it real and start seeing possibilities everywhere.

5) Clear your mind of can’t: Anything is possible if you have got enough nerve and there is no better way of mastering energy and enthusiasm than this.

6) Keep up a diary: Track your brainstorms, write it down and find the creative jolt you need.

7) Know your self-worth: You were born an original, so why to die a copy; love the idea of not being what people expect you to be and keep yourself real.

8) Break the rules: You can and you should, don’t get confined by the walls that have been built for long. It’s important to get distant from the typical routines to foster creativity.

9) Learn new things everyday: Daily, consistent learning unlocks creativity and helps you get supportive networks to make difference in your life. Try to learn new skills, challenge yourself and beat yourself.

10) Look for Inspiration: Surround yourself with creative people and seek positivity within moments. The mere presence of artistic people boosts your creative performance.

11) Loose fear of being wrong: Welcome bad ideas, sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. This is always a way that approaches creativity.

12) Think with your heart: Keep following your own path; we are all a little weird and our lives too. Making our weirdness compatible with lives, allows us join creativity.

13) Read Books: The beauty of books is inevitable and these are great in keeping you in conversation with the finest minds of the eras. The more you read, the more you will get to know.

14) Get moving: Walks boost creative thinking and let you spend time with yourself. You will find creative juices flowing again in your nerves.

15) Eliminate negativity: Anything that holds you back from thinking out of the box is ‘negativity’. Declutter these thoughts and start representing happiness now. You will seek the power to transform, illuminate, educate, inspire and motivate and this is what creativity stands for.

Creativity is not a competition, here you need to take out time from your busy life and start enjoying its colors and you will see the sparkles spread wherever you go.

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