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A new browser for iPhone users has been launched by Mozilla Firefox. It is a fast and easy to use web browser. The major concern of this announcement is to put private browsing at the forefront in order to provide better user experience.

Firefox Focus has default blocks ad tracker and erase option in it. If you do not want to leave a record on your phone then you can easily erase the browsing history and can also put passwords and cookies in it.

This application provides the users with simple and super fast search experience with no menus, pop-ups, and traditional tabs. It is specifically designed to block ads and all the other trackers who follow you around the web.

Almost a year ago this app was launched on Apple store for ad blocking and trackers from iPhone’s Safari browser. The new browser is competing directly with Safari.

There are sites dependent on tracking which cannot be opened up on Firefox Focus then this browser allow the users to open the current site in either Safari or Firefox.

To use the app you just need to enter the term or web address in the ‘text-entry field’ and can browse one webpage at a time. The browsing session can be easily deleted by tapping on the erase button present in the top right corner of the screen.

This browser is unlike other ones because if you take a trip to the settings section of browser you will get to know that it just lets you toggle on or off the data you wish to block like ad trackers, analytic trackers, content trackers, social trackers and other web fonts. It can be changed from the privacy settings in the app’s setting menu which is accessible from the home screen of application.

Firefox Focus is completely free to download on the Apple App Store.

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