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Facebook launches new update to manage Facebook, Messenger and Instagram at one place.

We all know that how troublesome it is to manage different platforms.  Facebook understands the problem quite well as they have introduced a new option for the Facebook Pages App.

With this new update businesses can now link their Facebook, Instagram and Messenger accounts and can easily manage the interactions across all the three channels on a single platform.

Page managers can now enable this tool and can stay at the top to respond to the various conversations including visitor posts, reviews, comments and messages across the all three platforms.

There is an own distinctive and dedicated tab for each platform within the app. Every tab has a separate color theme so that you can easily switch between them and respond to the notifications as required. The color scheme is important as it will help the page managers know that to which platform they are posting to. The clear differentiation between each app is necessary so that they can post the context and details accordingly.

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An additional feature for managers, they can manage the access of information about the people with whom they are interacting with their profiles. Whenever they will tap on the person’s name within the app then the basic information of that person will appear from their profile. And the previous conversations with that person will also appear on the screen.

All those whose Facebook and Instagram accounts are already connected the update will be applied to their accounts automatically when available.

The users just have to click on the messaging icon present at the bottom of the page while they are in the Pages Manager App. And then navigate to the Instagram tab where they will be asked to log in. By following these simple steps all the three platforms can be managed from one place.

There is no doubt that this is a very helpful update. It will become a lot easier for the social media managers who are always wrangling between multiple social media accounts.

The new feature has been rolled out worldwide on November 15, 2016 and will be available to all the users within weeks. The businesses can now connect their Instagram and Facebook accounts to avail the benefits from this new update.

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