OLA Taxi booking app Ola is preparing to start shuttle bus services for citytravellers by bringing tourist and chartered buses on its platform.

As per reports, nearly 1.5 lakh buses transport around 70 million people every day and 23 million people travel by train. This report drove the minds of Ola founders and investors and the team decided to come with the new idea of Ola bus.

Ola, one of India’s unicorn startups,valued to be $2.5 billion is expected to launch the bus service in the next two months with the entire Ola Bus feature assimilated into the current app, allowing riders to choose between cabs, autos and buses.

Bhavish Aggarwal, co-founder and CEO of Ola, in a statement, said Ola is focused on building mobility for a billion people.

As per the experts, Ola’s bus service will expand its user base and boost revenue.Ola has hired Sundeep Sahni, founder of Lazada (an e-commerce company) to drive this initiative.

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