How Adventure Island Amusement Park Drove Almost 28K Check-Ins in Just 8 Months

  Overview Adventure Island wanted to reach out to the right audience and spread word about its famous rides, attractions, ambiance and the fun-factor. To accomplish their objectives, they launched effective campaigns or contests on various social media sites to bring about engagement and interaction with the people. They were successful in driving almost 28K […]

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Social media marketing trends in India: A Report

According to a recent study, Indian organizations use social media more often than their global counterparts. This study conducted on social media-savvy organizations in the India carried some interesting insights on social media marketing in country. It answered some of the very significant questions that many Indian marketers have such as • What is the […]

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6 Memorable Indian Twitter Campaigns

Brands leverage Twitter not only for creating a buzz but also integrate this micro-blogging platform to bring in live interactivity with users. Whether it’s about launching a new product, service or feature, or about creating offline bond with followers, Twitter has been an integral part of a number of campaigns.

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