How delicious it gets to eat a cake that has our favorite frosting? It adds additional sweetness and makes us long for more and when finally caught, satiates our temptation flavorfully.

Individuals working with giant tech names experience the same as these organizations have a lot more to offer than a big paycheck.

From gym to yoga classes, health to paid maternity/child care leaves, coffee to varieties of meals served, the names know how to charm their employees and take care.

Today, we are going to give an inside look into Google job perks, a hulk in the world. Let’s find it out which sort of laudable benefits Google has for Googlers and why individuals wish to get connected with these names.

There have been many Xooglers (past Google employees) and Googlers (present employees) who posted the details of perks availed and enjoyed, on Quora and Glassdoor. You can too find out the details by referring to the given links.

1) Introduction to great company culture and thinkers

Googlers while sharing their work related experiences say that the organization is an incredible place to see, to listen to and meet with remarkable individuals. Here, you get encompassed by brilliant and driven individuals who give the best environment to learning.

Its firm belief in ‘It’s the people that make Google the kind of company it is’ helps you keep up with the determination. You work as a hands-on provider and feel comfortable imparting ideas and opinions as the culture is intended to empower associations between Googlers within and across team.

2) A Googler lives in the future

Google being at the pole position of upcoming technology empowers its employees to use the company’s products to complete the work and beta-test products that haven’t been released to the public yet. Employees get a sneak peak at the future and actively participate in shaping up of the products through their involvement and inputs.

3) Free participation to Google tech talks

It’s the best place to continue learning. Google’s widely acclaimed technical discussions; presentations and lectures on different topics are open to employees and they can either be present at or watch remotely sitting at their own places.

A Googler shares his experience on Quora and says that “There were things that I never even knew were possible that I heard for the first time through tech talks or watching archived presentations. You have some of the leading experts in their fields who are either your co-workers and happy to talk to you or outside researchers/political top-brass/celebrities/etc. invited to give talks at Google.”

4) On-site child care for working parents

Google knows which programs to use to please and care for its workers and has subsidized child care perk with itself.

Working parents can bring their kids to the workplace where there have been arrangements made for taking their care. The plan doubtlessly functions as the peculiar advantage in an effort to entice the best of the employee outcomes.

5) Google takes care of your pets as well

Don’t get amazed to see pets around the Google office spaces as Googlers are free to bring their pets to work. Pets are regularly known to keep the vitality up and convey unconstrained delight to the work place and the benefit helps workers to become known to colleagues by the convenient means.

So, being a pet-lover, welcome your canine companions fearlessly.

6) New dads and moms are given much-needed break with no bother

Google is known for offering liberal advantages to new mothers and fathers. In regular situation, moms do frequently get six weeks leave post having a baby, yet Google has a big heart.

New dads get six weeks of paid leave, and mothers can take 18 weeks, and they keep on receiving rewards while they are on leave. Also, a bonus termed as ‘’baby bonding bucks’ is given to new moms & dads to help with the costs of usability products for the new born.

An ex-employee has written about these benefits on Quora.

7) Google rouses a lot of devotion with Googlers’ spouses

This perk for Googlers reaches out into existence in the wake of death. Trying to find out the means to help the surviving spouses of the Googlers who’d passed away while working there, Google gives them half of the Googlers’ salary for the up and coming 10 years. There’s also an extra $1,000/month benefit for any of the Googlers’ children.

8) Free fitness, yoga classes and gym, even you can take shower at the place

Employees get free wellness classes and gym access, and are urged to take an interest into organized sports. Simply imagine, while sitting in the midst of your work, you start needing a shower and exceptionally, you can avail it at the place. How convenient and energetic the thought is? Free haircuts, on-site laundry machines, ultra-modern amenities and lots of other facilities to work, play and enjoy with the best and brightest… doesn’t it sound like a winning combination?

9) In-house massages and free shuttles

You can avail massage credits as well as free shuttle services being a Google employee. These massage credits can be shared amongst employees and further redeemed for on campus massage sessions.

10) Google brings 24/7 tech support help

Google brings a practical approach to solve the IT related problems coming in the way of employees. Its in-house tech support shop ‘The TechStop’ provides Google employees guidance with all hardware and software needs and problems 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As a Googler you have some of the best and brightest IT specialists available to help you get your jobs done.

11) Google allows you work on passion projects additionally

Google takes after the 80/20 lead to support its workers’ inventive affinity. As a Googler you can commit 80% of time to your essential employment and 20% taking a shot at enthusiasm extend that you accept is for organization’s assistance.

Google encourages you to read and explore your creative nature.

12) Google serves boundless food and snacks completely free

Entering into Google campuses, you will come to see espresso and juice bars scattered all through. The company feed its employees admirably providing them healthy snacks, breakfast and lunch, all free. Those who stay late are served with dinner as well. This helps employees to stay fueled, working productively.

13) Google gives extended time off to follow your passion

In addition to holidays & offs, Google’s leave policies more chances to investigate life outside of the working environment.

Googlers can take a three-month leave of unpaid time off, under particular conditions. Medicinal services benefits proceed for unpaid leaves of up to three months. Googlers can use their time off to work with nonprofit organizations, political crusades, and other group-related projects they are keen on.

14) Once a Googler, always a Googler

Once a Googler, always a Googler. Xooglers always say that the Google has the best and the largest alumni support portals across the countries. If you are a Xoogler, you generally have assistance with you wherever you go, whenever you need.

And rounding of all; reaches the free beer and sushi…. Google knows how to strip away everything that comes in their employees’ way and provides them with a standard bundle of additional advantages including free supper, commuting vehicles, gyms, billiards tables, massage rooms, carwash services and others.Moreover, Google is not just about these gleaming advantages, employees get the chance to take a shot at items that touch a great many individuals around the globe, take care of

Moreover, Google is not just about these gleaming advantages, employees get the chance to take a shot at items that touch a great many individuals around the globe, take care of complex issue and work with the brightest personalities in innovation.

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