Pinterest Is Now Using Visual Discovery To Target Ads

Pinterest is now using visual discovery to target ads

By DSIM Team / 17/05/2017
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To target ads, Pinterest is now using photo data.

In February, Pinterest presented 3 visual discovery tools; Shop the Look, Instant Ideas and Lens beta fueled with visual discovery technology.

The purpose was to let Pinners discover products and ideas inspired by things they see and now this visual discovery technology is being used to make ‘Promoted Pins’ even more effective.

The move to use Pinterest’s image-recognition technology for ad targeting has been announced through a company blog post and it says, “When a potential customer spots a table they like the looks of on Pinterest, visual discovery helps us recognize the style, textures and shapes that make it unique. We can identify it as a rectangular, mid-century modern dining table and show similar products that match the look and feel.”

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Subsequent to this initiative, the ads will experience increased relevancy and even reach audiences, advertisers might not have considered before. And it all happens automatically.

For now the AI-triggered ads will only appear in the Related Pins gallery that’s displayed after tapping on an individual pin and among the Instant Idea pins that pop up after tapping the white circle on a pin in a person’s home feed.

In long run, Pinterest plans to eventually add them to results displayed when people use its Lens feature to scan a photo from their phone to find related pins as well as the Shop the Look feature that lets people tap products featured in a photo to reveal a list of links to similar products available for purchase.

These new placement opportunities give businesses added visibility, and visual discovery makes your Pins feel more relevant. And, Pinners see exactly the products they’re looking for.

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