Pinterest Starts Targeting Ads To People Who Save Brand-related Pins

Pinterest starts targeting ads to people who save brand-related pins

By DSIM Team / 01/09/2016
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Last updated on October 8th, 2016 at 11:46 am

Pinterest wants brands to feel like they already have an attentive audience to advertise to on its platform. So after adding the ability for brands to retarget people who visit their sites and use their apps with ads on Pinterest, the company is now introducing a way for brands to advertise to people who click on or save brand-related pins that are posted to Pinterest.

According to Pinterest, people who have interacted with a brand-related pin, such as by clicking on it, within the past 30 days are 2.2 times more likely to buy a product from that brand than people who don’t interact with a pin related to that brand. Considering that 75% of the pins on Pinterest are brand-related, like pins linking to product pages, Pinterest thinks it offers brands a lot of opportunities to attract actual customers, which is also why the company is renaming its lookalike targeting option to “actalike” targeting.

In addition to collecting an advertiser’s on-Pinterest audiences, Pinterest is also improving its abilities to target advertisers’ off-Pinterest audiences with ads on Pinterest, such as by making it easier for brands to let Pinterest track what people do on their sites. Since starting to let advertisers target ads to people who visit their sites, use their apps, are in their customer list or share traits with their customers earlier this year, advertisers using those targeting options have seen the percentage of people clicking on their ads increase by 80%, according to Pinterest.

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