Snapchat Rolls Out ‘Snap Publisher’; A Self-serve Ad Creation Tool

Snapchat rolls out ‘Snap Publisher’; a self-serve ad creation tool

By DSIM Team / 19/07/2017
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On Monday, Snapchat officially released a browser-based ad creation tool, Snap Publisher that converts horizontal videos, websites into vertical video ads.

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Snap Publisher enables advertisers to automatically turn any photo or video into a vertical video ad. It also has a feature using which brands can pull photos and videos from their websites.

The tool allows a lot of features & they are:
  • Easily create a new Top Snap, or enhance an existing one
  • Convert pre-existing horizontal videos into vertically oriented ones
  • Enhance video files with design elements like text, audio, images, and animations
  • Use existing templates with transitions and fading elements

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With Snap Publisher advertisers will be able to customize their Snap Ads with content relevant to their audience and generate multiple variations to learn which performs best. They‘ll even be able to pull assets directly from the website. How to Create a Top Snap in Snap Publisher?

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