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In a very short span of time, social media has evolved into a vast marketing trend, which you being marketers can never afford to overlook. No one can downplay social media now and say that it is not as an effective tool for reaching out to targeted audiences. Wise marketers realized its worth long back and are reaping wonderful results by leveraging this multi-channel digital marketing approach smartly and prudently and making it a part of their marketing mix.

If you have been making an extensive use of digital marketing you must have a fair idea about how combining paid, targeted social advertising can be a good support and complement to organic Search Engine Optimization when it comes to generating valuable leads that convert.

Average monthly spends made by companies on Social Advertising



The data clearly depicts that there are so many businesses that still need to realize the power of social advertising. It is not that they don’t know how combining targeted, paid advertising can be a good support and compliment to organic search engine optimization in generating valuable leads or say quality leads that convert. They know it very well but only a few are allocating considerable budget for social advertising.

Anyway, further in this article we will discuss about some amazing facts and stats related to social advertising that will help you realize its actual potential.

The Current State of Social Advertising

Which platform do Businesses advertise on?
Why do companies use social media for?

• 61.7% companies use social media for Customer Acquisition
• 28.9% companies use social media for Social Customer Service

Platforms to gain more importance in the coming periods

How Social Advertising Helps Your Business?

Social Advertising helps you reach out to new and more exclusive targeted audiences at the least possible cost , which is why social ad performance is usually better than others!

• Usual social ad performance this year: 167%

Social ads already outperformed the average by 52%, last year!

It is cost-effective!

So many studies and researches in past have already established that social advertising is far more cost-effective and is actually up to 70% more reasonable than the average cost index. Hence, driving clicks, conversions and impressions while maintaining a low cost average isn’t a big deal with social advertising.

Social ads performed 129% better than the average when it comes to reach efficiency and the only channel that did better than the average at!

It provides better frequency and impressions!

Social advertising generate better ad frequency as well as impressions to targeted users!

By outperforming the average user quality index among all channels, social advertising has become a more effective tool for reaching out and targeting quality users.

It delivers better conversion rates


Users who click on social ads are more inclined for making further purchases!

When it comes to delivering better users conversion rates across several vertical industries, Social Advertising again not only just takes part but plays a big role.


Because of its reach, social media marketing can have a tremendous impact in the digital marketing performance of many businesses irrespective of the geographical factors. Hence, channelize social media marketing and combine it with paid social advertising and let your business experience even better performance as indicated in the facts and statistical data shown above!

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