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An Interview with Mr. Sumedh Tandon,An Upcoming Photographer from India and DSIM ex-trainee who quit his job to pursue his interest in photography.

An Interview with Mr. Sumedh Tandon, a young and upcoming photographer from India. He shares with us how he generated awareness about his business among the people defying all boundaries.

Q1. How did you come about Photography?
Ans. Pure passion. Learnt it when I was studying in the states along with my MBA
Q2. So as you are an upcoming photographer of the country we generally wanted to know how is your business doing?
Ans. Its not as good as I had foreseen, need to put in more finances in marketing my services for both Online & Traditional marketing.
Q3. Tell us something about TSPART.ORG, which as per our knowledge is your business name.
Ans. TSPART – Tandon Sumedh Photography art. I have various genres, so had to keep a name which would have enveloped all my genres of work and yet talk about my work on an artistic note.
Q4. Photography is a completely different field from marketing. So what made you undergo a digital marketing training?
Ans.  Update on my knowledge about online market was important as it is one of the primary things that connects me to the world and helps me showcase what I do, what I present and where I am headed to. According to me marketing and photography have one thing in common – creativity; and they go parallel. If I don’t show what I do, it will be like standing in a closed box and keeping all my memories to me. To do well in photography you need millions of other skills and factors that determine your success in the profession. Success here means getting paid your dream money, in some cases its appreciation & satisfaction, which an artist derives.
Q5. Well! Talking about digital marketing we would like to know more about scope of digital marketing from you? Please tell us about your views in this regard.
Ans. Very Important! Digital marketing helps you connect to the world without boundaries. Currently there is a lot of gas, which makes you, spend a lot of money and effort on online marketing, but option B might be more expensive of traditional ways of marketing.It is still yet to evolve in India.

Q6. How did the digital marketing training help you?
Ans.  A) Vision opener
B) Though I have not been able to make much money from my online leads, by I guess it helps me to showcase and get in touch with a lot of people without too much talk , time and effort is saved, but the challenge is to understand the fundamentals of marketing and applying it online. The psychology
C) I would say I walked couple of more miles than what I would have done on my own in my profession.
Q7. How was your overall training experience @ DSIM?
Ans. Decently worth 25 K, Trainers are really cool, young and hardworking and helpful in their own way. They helped me professionally and still value what they have done at the time when I was really low on funds. At least DSIM doesn’t follow the stupid education ways of a college / school life in India, they understand their clientele are working professionals who are already working and this education needs to help them make money, the real test scores are the numbers which speak in your bank account.
Q8. Do you have any message for the masses especially the business owners so that they should have something to learn from your experience?
Ans. Yes definitely learn something new, but buyers beware, you should know what you are getting into. I asked kunal for a trial class before I paid him, and he was happy to offer it, which sold me to sign up. I liked the professional work ethics they practice. Also real expectations are not set by the online organizations, you got to be multi-skilled to understand this stuff and prior understanding of online stuff and technology is helpful, is say essential.
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