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An Interview with Dr. Gouri Dutt, Product Manager, Zidua Cadila Healthcare Ltd. and DSIM’s Ex-Trainee

An Interview with Dr . Gouri Dutt, Product Manager, Zidua Cadila Healthcare Ltd. and DSIM’s Ex-Trainee. She shares with us how important digital marketing core

Q1. Gauri you are an ayurvedic doctor and also successfully handling the product section with Zidua Cadila. The latest thing that you have added is a professional training in Digital marketing. What’s next? 
Ans. Well! I don’t know it is yet to explore a lot of things. Right now I have only reached the initial stage of my career. Yes, I am a doctor but I don’t like to sit 9-5 in a clinic hence contributing as a product manager and…. the reason why I learnt digital marketing is to make my profile more soothing and the career growth more obvious for me. So… before I decide on what’s next I would first want to reach top of what I am doing now.
Q2. Well started off your career from lecturer ship then worked as product executive and then product manager? So what prompted you to learn digital marketing now? 
Ans. See being a product manager of course I will be involved with the marketing part for my product and of course the true aspect of marketing is virtual marketing and Virtual marketing is everything through digital. So when it comes to marketing even if one does not do it actively one must have concepts and insights clear so that they should at least know that what is it that happening in that area.Because digital has taken up a big way now so that is what interested me and other wise also I was taking care of the some part of Facebook page and the website of Delhi photography so I wanted to clear my view as to what happens… you know… at the bay ground that is why I took up the course.
Q3. Talking about digital marketing what do you think the scope of digital marketing is?
Ans. Well I might not be the right person to tell you about the scope of digital marketing .All I can say is that the usage of Internet getting up till the level of mobile phone has made it very very actionable for everyone. The revolution that digital marketing has brought in the field of marketing has far to go. As Bill Gates has very well said “The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow”. It is what that has happened and happening.
Q4. So were you able to utilize the training that you received?
Ans. Yes! Kind of! I am not actively involved in digital marketing right now but yes for the ideation part of course I am using my knowledge.
Q5. How was your overall training experience @ DSIM? 

Ans. Very nice… Very nice I enjoyed it thoroughly… There was lot of insights that they gave me which were very nice. I was clear about a lot of things and the best part is that even after you finish your course people are more than welcome to share and get the guidance if required? And if we need any help they do help us even after the training is over.

Q6.  So would you like to advice something to the masses?
Ans. One must really recognize …especially the people who are in the field of marketing the one aspect of marketing that they are early boarding and pick that up and really polish that. Even if it is internet marketing one has to be really versant with it’s in and out. And find out what is it that best in you and master that.
Dr. Gouri Dutt completed her Internet marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in March 2013.


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