On April 23, 2005, a 19 second clip uploaded by Jawed titled “Me at the zoo” is the very first shared video on YouTube.
Every day, millions of people watch tons of videos on YouTube. We sorted the top 11 videos by the average number of views they received since the day they were posted.
YouTube music video, 2012 hit “Gangnam Style,” officially broke the 2,347,926,364 view barrier. Psy “Gangnam Style” is insanely viral music video. Gangnam Style video just passed Justin Bieber’s “Baby” as the most viewed video on YouTube ever. The only artist to even come close to Psy is Katy Perry with her recent singles “Dark House” and “Roar”.
From this perspective, the view count race is far more competitive. Taylor Swift’s “Black Space” and Enrique Iglesias’ “Bailando” both posted in 2014 have managed to maintain the their “view count momentum” in top 11 most watched videos.

11) “Gentleman”, PSY- (842,991,811) – 2013

Following 2012’s “Gangnam Style,” Psy dropped the music video for his follow-up single “Gentleman” on April 13, 2013. Despite the fact that it has yet to achieve the status of the Korean rapper’s past hit, which holds the record as the most viewed YouTube video ever, the “Gentleman” music video has amassed more than 842 million views since its release. “Gentleman” is the most watched video in a single day (38 million views on April 14, 2013).

10)“All about that bass”, Meghan Trainor- (854,609,373) – 2014

“All About That Bass” is a catchy hit recorded by American singer Meghan Trainor. This hit is a bubblegum pop and doo-wop song and its infectious beat made it a huge dance hit, the song`s ‘body positive’ message. The song has been praised for encouraging young girls to love their bodies regardless of what their shape. The song’s official video has been viewed more than 854 million times in just over one year. It was released in June 11, 2014.

9)“Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)”,Shakira – (864,015,261) – 2010

As the world obsessively watched the 2010 World Cup, they also couldn’t stop viewing Shakira’s official theme song for it. The music video for Shakira’s single “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)” is the official 2010 FIFA World Cup anthem has raked in over 864 million views since its release on June 4, 2010.

8)“Love the Way You Lie”, Eminem ft. Rihanna- (873,645,032) – 2010

This visual bring together two of the biggest musicians, of course everyone was viewing. Eminem’s hard hitting music video for his collaborative track with Rihanna has amassed over 873 million views from August 5, 2010 to present day.

7)LMFAO, “Party Rock Anthem”, LMFAO ft. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock-(880,654,623) – 2011

A huge party hit deserves a huge party video. Also, YouTube viewers concurred. LMFAO’s breakout video is the most watched video for a musical group. LMFAO’s mixed video for their electro move track “Party Rock Anthem” has come to more than 880 million views since its release on March 8, 2011.

6)“Bailando”, Enrique Iglesias ft. Descemer Bueno & Gente de Zona- (898,308,447) – 2014

Enrique Iglesias’ “Bailando” was a huge success around the world. The video proceeds with rack up views exponentially too, effectively gloating more than 898 million streams only a year after reveal in April 11, 2014.

5)“Blank space”, Taylor Swift – (904,735,117) – 2014

Taylor Swift Blank Space is the second single from Taylor Swift’s album “1989”. Swift has released the video for her new song “Blank Space,” in which she plays an insane, over the top sweetheart taking reprisal on her beau. It has come to 904 million views since its release on November 10, 2014.

4) “Roar”, Katy Perry- (946,706,043) – 2013

Katy Perry’s Tarzan themed video went overwhelming on the shading, animal costars. No big surprise it exploded. Perry’s comedic video for her single “Roar,” which has earned more than 946 million views since its release in September 5, 2013 & marks the singer’s fourth spot on list of most viewed videos to date.

3)“Dark Horse”, Katy Perry ft. Juicy J- (978,598,555) – 2014

Katy’s is the YouTube queen, with her Egyptian-themed “Dark Horse” video approaching the 1 billion mark just over a year after its release. It was released in Februray20, 2014. It’s simply magic and “So you wanna play with magic” of Katy Perry.

2)“Baby”, Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris- (1,174,189,241) – 2010

Justin Bieber’s breakout hit “Baby” was, at one time, the most viewed video ever on YouTube. It still remains high thanks to Beliebers’ dedication to reclaim that record. Bieber’s debut music video was released in Februray 19, 2010 and has since raked in over 1.2 billion views.

1)”Gangnam Style”, PSY- (2,347,926,364) – 2012

Korean rapper PSY’s incredible video brought the word “viral” to a whole new level. It`s the greatest example of music (and humor) are truly universal. PSY’s success is the universal appeal of catchy music and unique dance moves. PSYs “Gangnam Style” has just become the first video in the history of the Internet to reach and surpass 2.3 billion views since its release on July 15, 2012.

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