Facebook created an advertisement that is an interactive, 360-degree experience that is navigated with the user’s finger. It is noted that 94 percentage revenue of Facebook comes from advertisements and nearly three quarters of that from mobile devices only.

So keeping the stats in mind, Facebook has launched this new look to its mobile ads that will provide feature to open the ads in full screen and gives people the ability to operate the content like photos, videos, GIFs and even 360 degree views of the product.

Facebook already has over half a billion people using mobile devices to interact with Facebook. It can be assumed that Facebook’s future is mobile and this feature will add an advantage to the advertisers.

How it looks…

The video-rich format is aimed at attracting advertisers who would normally fall toward television to target an audience. In fact, it’s similar to SnapChat’s so-called “3V” focus of using vertical video to capture users’ attention.

Facebook is smartly betting big on mobile advertising. For the first three months of 2015, mobile ads raked in 73 percent of the company’s ad revenues – a sharp increase from 30 percent during the same time period in 2013.

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