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Content is king and Today’s marketers must consider about what to write about, comprehends their intended interest group, manage the creation procedure, publish content reliably, promotes the content, and measure results.
Many companies use content marketing. Content continues to be one of the most important aspects of online marketing. Content marketing is more profitable than ever and heavily invested companies are seeing enormous returns.
The universe of content marketing is changing, and these brands are driving that change. When it comes to innovation, power, and masterful expertise, these are the one to watch.
We evaluated the content of brands, and ranked them taking into account their innovation, engagement, recurrence, and design. Here is the list of Top11 companies that became popular using Content Marketing.

11) Marketo

Rank: 11th
Twitter: 107,252 Followers
LinkedIn: 51,236 Followers
YouTube: 421,031 Views
Facebook: 126,651 Likes
Blog link:


Marketo Inc. makes marketing automation software for companies. Marketo is a standout amongst the most convincing thought pioneers in both B2B and B2C marketing circles. Their blog showcases a plenitude of engaging, picture overwhelming articles and research on email marketing, content marketing, lead management, promoting automation, and social networking.
Marketo’s guides and toolkits allow customers, prospects, and marketing experts to take a profound plunge into the most recent advancements in the quickly evolving digital marketing space. Their library addresses the needs of marketers who are just starting out and the individuals who are concerned with more propelled subjects like focusing on and personalization, marketing ROI, and more.


Rank: 10th
Twitter: 250,953 Followers
LinkedIn: 442,480 Followers
YouTube: 3, 346,262 Views
Facebook: 453,012 Likes
Blog link:


Salesforce is a global cloud computing company. It is best known for its customer relationship management (CRM) product.
Salesforce content is prized by the marketing group. Their impressive library of eBooks, whitepapers, webinars, blog posts, and videos examine the most recent developments and best practices in social networking, CRM, marketing automation, email marketing, and analytics.
Salesforce engages and connects their clients through the Salesforce Success Community, where clients can browse how-to guides and toolkits, make inquiries, and collaborate in real time.

9) American Express

Rank: 9th
Twitter: 822,110 Followers
LinkedIn: 349,405 Followers
YouTube: 66,331,241 Views
Facebook: 5,653,623 Likes
Blog link:

american express

The American Express Company (Amex) is an American multinational financial services corporation. The company is best known for its credit card, charge card, and traveler’s cheque business.
Created to help small entrepreneurs succeed, American Express’ OPEN Forum exhibits how companies can leverage client created content. It’s an advice-sharing platform, where entrepreneurs exchange their ideas and advice on leadership, money, marketing, and more.

8) DocuSign

Rank: 8th
Twitter: 165,400 Followers
LinkedIn: 20,074 Followers
YouTube: 357,645 Views
Facebook: 143,509 Likes
Blog link:


DocuSign is a company that provides electronic signature technology and Digital Transaction Management services for encouraging electronic exchanges of contracts and signed documents. DocuSign’s components incorporate authentication services, client identity management and workflow automation.
DocuSign has been a pioneer of content marketing for years. Their research-heavy resource center is easy to navigate, and includes valuable whitepapers, webinars, case studies, and videos.
DocuSign resources extend beyond the e-signature vertical. They give guidance, research, and direction for customers and prospects on the paperless future of business, including the best strategies for adaptation and adoption.


Rank: 7th
Twitter: 149,145 Followers
LinkedIn: 24,122 Followers
YouTube: 8,016,492 Views
Facebook: 1,471,400 Likes
Blog link:


Birchbox is an online monthly subscription service that sends its subscribers a box of four to five precisely selected samples of cosmetics, or other beauty related products on a monthly basis. These products include skincare items, perfumes, organic based products and various other top of the line makeup.
Birchbox separates itself from the crowded online retailer space by providing delightful content experiences. Their women’s magazine and men’s guide highlight valuable tips on grooming, hair, and the latest trends. Especially noteworthy, their archive of videos empowers the consumer to ramp up their own style. Browsing through Birchbox online is as intimate and material as an in-store experience.


Rank: 6th
Twitter: 58,930 Followers
LinkedIn: 115,125 Followers
YouTube: 8,079,355 Views
Facebook: 431,454 Likes
Blog link:


The Allstate Corporation is the largest publicly held personal lines property and casualty insurer in America. Allstate is widely known through the “You’re In Good Hands with Allstate” slogan.
Allstate’s content is designed to educate customers and prospects about planning and ensuring their financial future. Resources include articles, videos, and tools that cover all of the insurance basics, including how to purchase auto insurance and how hitting a deer influences your insurance coverage.


Rank: 5th
Twitter: 208,712 Followers
LinkedIn: 2,391,743 Followers
YouTube: 24,865,406 Views
Facebook: 441,091 Likes
Blog link:


The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is an American multinational technology and consulting corporation. IBM manufactures and markets computer hardware and software, and offers infrastructure, hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology.
IBM delivers on all fronts. It’s a huge company, so it has to produce authoritative content and it has a lot of different blogs. It`s blog sets them apart. Its content is collected in a library of resources. These include case studies, technical resources, analyst papers, brochures, executive briefs, system red books, and much more proves that IBM prioritizes valuable content. It`s library is largely product focused and very technical.
And because the company is trusted by millions, it has to make sure that the content is at expert level. The majority of IBM’s content reinforces these themes: It’s technical. It’s authoritative. It’s expert level.

4) HubSpot

Rank: 4th
Twitter: 500,604 Followers
LinkedIn: 100,495 Followers
YouTube: 3,968,650 Views
Facebook: 754,129 Likes
Blog link:


HubSpot is an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies to attract visitor, convert leads, and close customers. Inbound is about creating and sharing content with the world.
The software has features for social media marketing, email marketing, content management, web analytics and search engine optimization among others. The company advocates for the inbound marketing concept in its own marketing through viral videos, Twitter, webinars and an annual inbound marketing report.
HubSpot’s design is fun and engaging. Their website navigation is consistent. HubSpot offers hundreds of evergreen pages, product pages, review pages, informational pages, pricing tools, and an incredibly wide variety of other content. It’s blog category includes a flood of content on a daily basis.
HubSpot’s content marketing operation is stellar. Hubspot customers can order content from Scripted and publish it directly to Hubspot’s blog. When marketers discover HubSpot’s content library for the first time, they feel like they’ve hit the jackpot.

3)Standford Graduate School of Business

Rank: 3rd
Twitter: 302,766 Followers
LinkedIn: 23,468 Followers
YouTube: 13,437,278 Views
Facebook: 140,068 Likes
Blog link:


The Stanford Graduate School of Business is one of the top business schools in the world. The goal of Stanford Graduate School of Business is to provide current and aspiring leaders with the information and ideas they need to help them change lives, organizations, and the world. Those hungry for ideas from the best and brightest, this is a top destination.
Stanford Graduate School of Business publishes Stanford Business magazine, the free Stanford Business email newsletter. It also publishes Insights. It is a treasure trove for prospective students and professionals alike. It features in-depth articles, stories, and research on a range of topics including social innovation, finance, corporate governance, and energy from industry experts.

2) Farmers Insurance

Rank: 2nd
Twitter: 34,075 Followers
LinkedIn: 67,468 Followers
YouTube: 453,316 Views
Facebook: 2,167,686 Likes
Blog link:

farmer insurance

Farmers Insurance Group is a U.S. insurer group of automobiles, homes and small businesses and also provides other insurance and financial service products. Farmers Insurance Group invests in a customer-centric content operation and it pays off.
Farmers Inner Circle features an extensive library of helpful tips around home maintenance and repairs, budgeting, auto care and insurance, and more. The content is effectively traversable, compact, engaging, and well composed. And just in case you can’t find what you’re looking for in the Inner Circle, their F.A.Q. answers every question ever asked about insurance.


Twitter: 1,007,693 Followers
LinkedIn: 1,295,906 Followers
YouTube: 26,510,908 Views
Facebook: 843,492 Likes
Blog link:

linkedin blog

LinkedIn is a business oriented social networking service mainly used for professional networking. LinkedIn is an increasingly important platform for B2B content marketers.
LinkedIn leads the social media industry in content, and has effectively established themselves as the most important publishing platform for professionals. LinkedIn energizes both learning and promotional opportunities for users, by allowing all the members to publish long form, original content.
LinkedIn’s library of targeted content, which incorporates webcasts, eBooks, and presentations, provides invaluable information to their worldwide network of professionals and companies looking to leverage the platform. These assets covering best practices on native advertising, content marketing, social media, and thought authority are expertly designed, elegantly composed, and extremely practical.

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