What's app statistics

1) Year of founding: 2009

2) Facebook bought whatsapp with a valuation of $19 billion costing $42 per user

3) Monthly active users on whatsapp: 800 million

4) Percentage of active monthly users that use it daily: 70%

5) Number of users registered daily: 1 million

6) Number of messages sent daily: 30 billion

7) Daily volume of messages on whatsapp: 64 billion

8) Number of photos shared via whatsapp daily: 700 million

9) Number of voice messages sent via whatsapp daily: 200 million

10) Number of video messages sent via whatsapp daily: 100 million

11) Average time users spent on whatsapp weekly: 195 minutes

12) Average number of monthly messages sent by whatsapp users: 1200

13) Average number of monthly messages received by whatsapp users: 2200

14) Number of messages received through whatsapp daily: 34 billion

15) Average amount of monthly photos uploaded by whatsapp users: 40

16) Number of whatsapp employees: 55

17) Number of whatsapp users in India: 1 billion

18) Whatsapp’s revenue for the first half of 2014: $15.9 million

19) Whatsapp’s revenue for the year 2013: $10.2 million

20) Whatsapp’s revenue for the year 2012: $3.8 million

21) Percentage of whatsapp users from India: 10% (highest among any country).

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