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Facebook is constantly enlightening its already strong ads platform, and the newest feature is quite exciting.

Facebook Ads are a budget selection to reach a precise audience with your advertising message. Facebook offers bonus rich layers of targeting know as Interests. This selection allows advertisers to target Facebook users based on pages they have liked, their activities, and interests.

What is an Interest Targeting?

In the ad targeting section of ad creation or Power Editor, you can select to target individuals based on their interests. Interest could embrace things individuals share on their Timelines, apps they use, ads they click, Pages they like and additional activities on and off of Facebook and Instagram. Interests may also factor in demographics such as age, gender and location.

Ad Preferences


It’s unlikely you identify this exists, however Facebook is clear concerning what interests they have associated with your profile for the needs of ad targeting. You’ll review and regulate these within your ad preferences.

Facebook breaks down your ad preferences into different categories:

  • Business and Industry
  • Education
  • Family and Relationships
  • Fitness and Wellness
  • Food and Drink
  • Hobbies and Activities
  • News and Entertainment
  • Shopping and Fashion
  • Technology

There are other categories depending upon your choice preference.


As each new interest category is added, it affects the latent reach of your Facebook ads.

Audience Reach:

The numbers of unique Facebook users who are being actively targeted and could possibly see your ad.

While adding each individual interest target, pay close attention to the digit of Facebook users who may see your ad, referred as the potential reach. Facebook has also added a dial labeled audience definition that acts sort of a gauge, informing you if the ad targeting is just too broad or too specific.


Targeting too broad of an audience can lead to poor performance. If the ad targeting is just too refined, your ad may show at a high frequency to a little audience, inflicting a negative expertise.

 Before making any Facebook ad campaign, take time to outline what kind of Facebook audience you’d prefer to reach and have a transparent goal for what the ad campaign ought to accomplish. This will facilitate in generating budget effective results.

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