Want To Run A Successful Google Adwords Advertising Campaign? Here’s How! Dsim.in

Want to run a successful Google Adwords advertising campaign? Here’s how!

By DSIM Team / 20/12/2013
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Google Adwords Advertising is a great way to enhance your company’s online presence however it could be a little intimidating if you are just starting out. But then if you manage and set up Adwords properly, it will help you increase online traffic, brand recognition and generate sales, reducing the marketing overheads at the same time.

Here are a few tips on running a successful Google Adwords advertising campaign.


Keyword selection

gaa 1 Select your keywords meticulously. Do a market research and make a list the keywords that your potential customers may use to find you through search engines. You can make use of the Google keyword tool for this; it doesn’t costs you anything except for your time. Besides, always remember to declare the negative keywords which are the words that you don’t want people to find you for. It will improve the quality of your traffic and your click-through rate significantly.To know more about creating a keyword strategy, you can read our article where we have explained it in detail.

Call to Action

gaa 2Your ad copy plays a critical role in making your Adwords Campaign successful. Try to keep your ad copy plain and simple as it is likely to give best results. Besides, a good call to action in your ad copy will make your campaign more effective.


gaa 3Being the world’s easiest testing engine, Google Adwords allows you to test new ad text, landing pages and keywords telling you which one works best, at the same time. You can test your offers, messaging and almost everything and save a lot of money. You might appear at the first position but that doesn’t mean you are going to get all the clicks. Sometimes those at second or third position generate just as many clicks however at a lower cost. So you can test positions as well.

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gaa 4You can retrieve an incredible amount of data about your campaign through Adwords reporting, Analytics and other tools. This data will help you carry out your campaigns more effectively as you have adequate details about what part of your marketing is working and what’s not. So you can optimize your campaigns respectively and that too on time.

So now you know how to run a successful Google Adwords advertising campaign. Go ahead and get started! And remember to optimize each part of your advertising campaigns by tracking and testing. Just do your best and give it sometime, results will be apparent.

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