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Like you have tips and guidelines for any other part of marketing, you have for banner ads as well. Of course there are a few things that if you take care of, you’re for sure going to make your banner ads far more effective and powerful.

Who says there are no rules for banner ads?

No, it’s a fact! So many people do say this!

This is why we have come up with a few guidelines that will help you make your banner ads quite effective and powerful. Let’s go through them one by one

Specific targeting

ba 1 The more targeted your ads are, the better results they will give. So, segment your audience on the basis of their demography and other factors and display your ads accordingly. Try promoting your product or service through banner ads on highly targeted niche websites.

Make it short, lucid and attractive

ba 2 You don’t have to write a novel in your ads as people will seldom entertain it. Try using larger fonts with fewer words. As far as its length is concerned, it shouldn’t take more than two seconds for the viewer to read your ad. Stay away from text stuffing in your ads. Besides, you must keep in mind that simple banners have higher click through rates.

Ads should go with the website design


ba 3 Make sure your ads do not conflict with the design of the website it will be displayed on. Keep the website design in mind while creating the ads. It is no problem if your ads get influenced by the advertising medium.

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Ads should not take too long to load


ba 4 You must be aware with the maximum file size your banner can be. The animations and the design elements that you include in your ads should not be so complex that the ads take too long to load.

Images and Graphics should be relevant

ba 5 The product that you are promoting through ads must be clear from the images and graphics that you are using in your ads otherwise it will make the viewer confused.

Never forget branding elements

ba 6 You must include your logo, tagline or other branding factors in your ads that help viewers to recognize your brand easily. Don’t forget! It matters a lot!

Use a relevant call to action


ba 7 Instead of simply asking to take an action by saying something like ‘click here’ or so, make your value proposition clear through your CTA. Your CTA should answer the most common questions of the visitors such as ‘Why should I click on this ad? ‘, ‘is there something I am going to win or gain access to’ and so on.

Create a relevant landing page

ba 8 There should be specific page related to the product or service where the customer will embark upon after clicking the ad on that product or service. Visitors might find it frustrating to dig out information buried in your website and might leave your website as well, increasing your websites bounce rate. This is why we ask you to create that ‘specific ‘page called landing page where users land upon after clicking the ads.

Test your banners


ba 9 There are so many factors related with the components of your banner ads (images, graphics, text, CTA etc) such as how are they placed, their quality, content and so on. You must test different variations of your ads to see what works well, see if your click through rates change and depending on them can optimize your ads for best results.

Creativity is the key

ba 10 Last but not the least, be creative! The probabilities for effective and impressive communication are endless!

Hopefully! These simple tips on making banner ads more effective will help you. However, if you know some, do let us know in comments. We would love to hear from you.

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