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Today, WhatsApp is officially rolling out video calling feature worldwide. The main aim of is to become an international cross-platform FaceTime.

WhatsApp surpasses 1 billion users over the world on Android, iOS and Windows phone. They announced that it has over 160 monthly million active users in India.

Facebook-owned chat service WhatsApp is gradually rolling out its new feature to all the users. There is a series of reports that all those users which have beta versions of WhatsApp found the feature enabled. This was an indication that a public debut of video calling was near the horizon.

The new video calling service is also optimized to work in regions like India. “…we want to make these features available to everyone, not just those who can afford the most expensive new phones or live in countries with the best cellular networks,” the company said in its announcement, published today.

How to Get Started?

WhatsApp users have to hit the call button in the top right corner of the conversation. An overlaid interstitial will pop up asking you whether you want to make a voice or video call with a person you are chatting with. And to simply kick-start the video call, select the option on the screen.

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Even when you are on the call you can switch between rear and front camera. You can even mute the conversation while you are on call and to hang up tap on the red button.

There is a slight variation in the user interface of Android and iPhone in terms of where the picture is displayed. Even the buttons’ size, placement and lineup are bit different.

With the addition of video calling feature, it is expected that WhatsApp will catch up with number of rivals like Apple’s FaceTime, LINE, Viber, Skype, Duo and even Facebook’s own messenger application.

WhatsApp already supports end number of features like group texting and voice calling for communicating. And now the top request of the users that is video calling is fulfilled.

The Chat service application has a huge user base and this additional feature is definitely going to help them in fleeing to other calling platforms and apps. Though WhatsApp is a late entrant in the game but it touts to its cross-platform support as one of the best reasons to use video calling rather than using it with another application.

However, the WhatsApp video calling option will not be available from today only. But the new feature is already staged and it will soon arrive over the days. This video calling option is not the only new addition, WhatsApp will be releasing two-factor authentication in its beta versions. The new additions will be based on the security-focused upgrade.

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