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An Interview with Ms. Shivangi Singh, Digital Marketing Executive in R H International and DSIM’s Ex-trainee

An Interview with Ms. Shivangi Singh, Digital Marketing Executive in R H International and DSIM’s Ex-trainee. She shares with us how digital marketing knowledge helped her in getting a promising job and that too when Indian economy is going through a mild recession.

Q1. Hi Shivangi! It is not even six months after you completed your graduation and you have got a very decent and promising job! So how it feels like?  
Ans. Well it really feels good as we all know that it’s a period of recession. So it’s really tough to get a job and that for someone who is just a graduate. And getting a job which is of my interest and the field in which I wanted to work is just like a DREAM COME TRUE.
Q2. That’s great! By the way how did you get this job and what remuneration have you been offered?
Ans. After I completed my training with DSIM, I got the e-mail from DSIM regarding Job openings. So, I just went for the interview and got selected. It’s not more than a month that I am done with my training and here I have got placed in R.H. International Ltd. as a Digital Marketing Executive. As I am fresher in this field so I have been offered with Rs15000 per month as my salary with incentives.
Q3.  So, what are your key responsibilities in R H International being a digital marketing executive?
Ans. R H International is specialized in running online and digital marketing campaigns and I being the digital marketing executive here provide digital marketing solution to the clients by running various digital marketing campaigns and making alterations if required.
Q4. Sounds interesting! Anyway how did you settle on pursuing a digital marketing training program?
Ans.  Right now I’m pursuing my MBA; I’m just done with my 1st semester exam. But the time I completed my graduation I was thinking to do something different and interesting. I have always been someone who had interest in doing something outside the box. So I got to know about Digital Marketing through a friend that it has a wide scope, which will only increase in the coming few days. So I just searched about it and got to know about Delhi School of Internet Marketing, I went there got to know more and end up doing the course and here I am proud of my decision that I took at the right time.
Q5. Talking about digital marketing it is one of the highly booming industries at present. What’s your take on this?  
Ans. Well I totally agree on this Digital Marketing is one of the highly booming industries and it will only increase in the coming few years because our country is developing, more & more technologies are launched daily. People are more interested in the digital industry now as it is easy and can be reached world-wide by investing a little and getting paid more. Besides, while all other industries are struggling to survive the recession, Digital marketing is still thriving.

Q6. Yes it is! So how did the training helped in your career’s take off?
Ans.It’s just the start of my career and I am already getting so many platforms to work on. So many ideas to help me grow more. For me everything is clear I know what all I can do now when I have a knowledge in this field, though I don’t consider it to be enough or that I know everything but I believe that with this li’l knowledge I’ll be able to learn more & grow more. As it is said that “Education is not the filing of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”
Q7. Very true! Anyway how was your overall training experience @ DSIM?  
Ans. My overall training experience with DSIM was wonderful, my Trainers were nice and dedicated, they were always ready to help in any of my problems. So many things they wanted to share, they were always ready to give more & more time. So that all the topics gets clear to us, no matter whether they have to tell us one time or 3-4 times.
I learned so much on the topics and things in which I had zero knowledge. Classes were fun, interesting and worth doing it. My batch-mates, my trainers and the DSIM staff they all were so nice and friendly. I met so many wonderful people who all were from different fields and had different interests; I got to know so many new things. It was real fun and amazing.
Q8. So, before we finish it up is there something you would like to put across to the young students who are puzzled about their career 
Ans. I would just say if you’re someone who is always ready to learn new things and someone who is creative, who usually puts questions like how and why about any new thing you see. Then you should definitely think about making Digital Marketing as your career. I am sure you’ll never regret it later, like now I am proud of my decision that I took at the right time, so you’ll be too one day hopefully.
Because this is the only time where everyone gets confused when it comes to making a choice on your career decisions.
Think wisely, I’m sure if you’re reading this then you would have definitely given a thought about it. So I’ll say you’ve already taken the first step for making your career the best. All the best, I hope you end up doing something which will be the best for you..
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