It wouldn’t be amiss to say that knowledge is the key that revs up your work efficiency and your experience leads you to success. However finding success is never an easy task. It is not like search in Google that can be found in a fraction of seconds and let alone other thing: even if I consider that you Google and Google shows your results even then you are required to read liters of web pages and understanding those things and practice it over again and again until you can count it as your experience, this is again a hard nut to screw and it is needless to say that it requires a lot of patience, practice and perspiration.

In fact, knowledge, experience and success are like the tri-pot of your professional life and maintaining a fine balance is a skill.

If we have a closer look at the business houses we can find branches of knowledge which is required for the efficient operation of any business. Several institutions and educationalists sported the idea of “capsule courses” known as diploma in the area of effective operation. The courses are designed in a manner that supports the students to understand the nature of business, challenge and models that are used to overcome and to maintain the smooth operation. When these fresh students come into the business house they gain practical exposure and their knowledge turns into a real experience that churn out good managers for the organization.

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Unfortunately, these diploma and management institutes and colleges mushroomed around us and that somehow spoiled the whole purpose of education and students get themselves focused more on degree and certificates than on the knowledge and moreover the situation has come to worst: now both students and business houses are sufferers and singing a different tune.

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