Why Mobile Marketing Strategy Is Must For Every Business: A Report Dsim.in

Why Mobile Marketing Strategy Is Must for Every Business: A Report

By DSIM Team / 25/04/2014


It was revealed in a recent research on mobile media consumption that 68% i.e. more than two-thirds of global mobile users have spent money via their mobile phone over the last year. The study also reveals that 83% of the global mobile users are planning to make purchase through mobile phones in the next 12 months, which is a 15% increase on current levels.

The study also found that mobile devices are becoming integral part of people’s life and that trust and reliance on mobile devices has increased significantly in last few years, which is expected to have a big impact on mobile commerce in 2014.


A ‘mobile-first’ world

140According to the report 60% of global mobile web users now use mobile as their primary or the only means of going online. Besides, with 61% of mobile web users using their mobile while watching TV, for activities such as social networking and text messages, there is also a rise in multi-screening.

The purchase decision

23748% of respondents worldwide believe that mobile is a key media that impacts purchasing decisions and that it is not just important for being social or remain connected. People are using mobile for multipurpose activities such as shopping, paying bills apart from getting social and remaining connected.

The mobile content

327The way mobile content is gaining similar importance as TV, the consumer behavior across the entire purchasing lifecycle is getting impacted by mobile advertising whether it is about small day-to-day purchases or bigger purchases, like cars.

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The way more and more shoppers are going mobile, it has become crucial for businesses to focus more on mobile while creating a marketing strategy and try providing the best experience even to mobile users.

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