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Facebook helps you generate leads, generate business revenue cost-effectively and eventually accelerates your business growth.

But of course, you need to consider a lot of thing before investing in Facebook marketing as there are a few very common but big mistakes that people end up making . However, if you follow the right code of conduct for practicing Facebook marketing, getting spike up in revenue generation is as obvious as it could be .

Whatever! Facebook is great for business at least for now it is!

Let’s have a look to a few reasons why it is so!

Facebook is the Biggest Social Network

With more than a billion active users each month, Facebook is still the largest social network on the planet. So, it still happens to be a great resource where you can get support from customers and become the expert. It is the most influential channel not only for you to engage, interact and communicate with your customers but also for your customers to communicate with you.

Facebook has now become a Utility

Many users take Facebook as a phone and in fact for many if they don’t have Facebook it seems as if they don’t have a phone. A large part of the masses not only use it but want Facebook to always be available.

Facebook drives web traffic

According to a recent study a quarter of overall web traffic these days is driven by Facebook. Moreover, shareworthy content if posted on Facebook compel users to show it to their friends increase its organic reach eventually. So, brands can still capitalize on Facebook referrals by producing good quality and relevant content.

Facebook Offers Cost-Effective Customer Acquisition

There are a number of companies that still rely on Facebook to not only acquire new users but also new customers, for the cost of each acquisition it involves is still very less. At the same time, the platform allows you to interact with existing customers as well helping you build a better relationship with them. Of course your business needs to be social, provide good content and be yourself.

Facebook is a great platform for Customer Support

Facebook matters for business as it a platform where consumers engage and share. It acts as a crucial touch point for customer support. Consumers post a lot of things and information on this social networking site including challenges or ideas for a brand.

Facebook helps build Credibility

It is the digital era and that you have to be with the time as even consumers expects that from you. Facebook not only helps customers research about the product they want but also see the credibility of the company they want to do business with. Your absence on Facebook might give an impression that you are not fluent in today’s online tools. So, build a presence on Facebook , build credibility.



Facebook Matters!

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