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An Interview with Mr. Tariq Zaidi,
Founder of and DSIM’s Ex-Trainee

An Interview with Mr. Tariq Zaidi, Founder of, a real estate portal dealing in leasing out of high end properties in Delhi-NCR.

Q1. How did you come about a real estate company?
Ans. Actually my friend was doing a business in real estate but was not doing it properly. So just to the fill that gap I started a business in real estate.
Q2. So how is your business doing?
Ans. Business is doing good but yes it is slow in terms of you know you set some target as these many people you will have in this year but I mean… I would say slow as industry is in itself is slow not because of my own thing I have more number of people this year than the previous year. These would have been much more had the industry growing up. Industry is not very good at the moment still my business is very good but yes in my view it is lesser than what I expected.
Q3. Tell us something about your journey to such a flourishing business.what salary you are grabbing every month?
Ans. I started all-alone. I and my car and Idid not have an office in February 2010. However, I had inventory with me. I was organized by June. I think in four monthsI had a smalloffice. Then kept going and going and going to the average of 14-15 deals a month.
Q4. What made you undergo a digital marketing training?
Ans.  You know, you do business development; you go and meet different people. You know kind of business we are doing we need to go and meet different people to find the house seekers But that is the one medium. The other medium is that people who are looking for houses are in some way or the other going to use Internet. So to have a website and to have a web presence was necessary in order to get to the people who are using Internet as medium to find the houses.
Q5. How did this training help you?
Ans. Training helped me in putting things together but I would rather say that I could not utilize the learning to the extent I would like because of certain reasons.. one of them being is you know I have limitations with my present website. So now I am developing a new website as well as developing a software. We have a front and the backend. Backend is again very important in order to have better presentation and better data management.So once I have this website ready my team will start working on its Internet marketing. However, I have already worked out keywords strategy for it.

Q6. What do you think is the scope of digital marketing?
Ans. World is evolving. Yeah! Now it is all digital marketing. People have started doing marketing through phones. You can imagine about the extent digital marketing has reached and will reach in forthcoming days.
Q7. How was your overall training experience @ DSIM?
Ans. Good! I know the basics well and can manage my team.
Q8. Do you have any message for the masses especially the business owners?
Ans. They have to know… I keep getting lot of calls from people….may be because people visit your website ( They call me to ask that ‘How was your experience’, ‘how did it help’? (Digital marketing training @ DSIM). I always say you have to really realize whether your target audience is going to visit internetif they are going to visit internet you need to have a web presence and If you want to have web presence you should know how to get the web presence.
Testimonial wrote by Tariq Zaidi after completing his digital marketing training @ DSIM in June 2012
Ans. Hi,I am in Real Estate business and had a web-site developed but made no business out of it. I contacted many internet marketing professionals to help me generate leads through my web-site. As usual these guys were promising me everything possible under the sun but when I asked them “how” they came up with SEO on the keywords which had very low competition. I was not satisfied at all and thought of doing a course on internet marketing myself. After searching for days and talking to many marketing schools, I came across Kunal from DSIM. In first meeting itself I realized that I am at right place and SEO or Social Media Marketing are not the only things in internet marketing but the complete course of Internet Marketing. I was so impressed that I immediately enrolled myself, during the course I learnt the complete Internet Marketing and found this very effective for every business. After finishing the course I re-designed my web-site keeping my target audience in mind and today I am a happy man with many visitors online. I will recommend Internet Marketing Course to all business owners to generate online business and will highly recommend to do it from DSIM because these guys are trust-worthy and their association continues even after course is finished to troubleshoot any problem which you may face.

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