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Master in
Digital Marketing

for professionals, entrepreneurs & job seekers

(4 Courses in One - 31 Modules; 3 to 6 months)

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Digital Marketing
(Core Modules)
Digital Marketing
  • 19 Modules
  • Extensive Practical Assessment
  • Industrial Case Studies
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Advanced Marketing Analytics & Strategies
Advanced Marketing Analytics & Strategies (15 Hours)
  • Advanced Optimization
  • Must have tips & techniques
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Make Money Online
AFFILIATE Masterclasses
(How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing & Blogging)
Make Money Online
  • Get trained by affiliate marketer.
  • Make money from blogging
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Specialization Modules
black hat techniques
  • Choose your specialization and build expertise
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Fasten Your
Career & Business Growth

Become a
digital marketing expert

Learn how to do marketing online-
Boost website traffic, generate potential leads & increase
sales revenue with better brand awareness… just like
experts and agencies do it.

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What You Learn?
44 Modules

Digital Marketing Course(Core Modules)

  • 1Search Engine Optimization [SEO] (4 Modules)
  • 2Search Engine Marketing [SEM/Google AdWords] (5 Modules)
  • 3Social Media Marketing [SMM] (5 Modules)
  • 4Email Marketing (3 Modules)
  • 5Inbound Marketing (4 Modules)
  • 6Web Analytics (5 Modules)

Specialisation Modules

  • 1Facebook Marketing (2 Modules)
  • 2Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy [2 Modules]
  • 3Affiliate Marketing [2 Modules]
  • 4Media Planning & Buying [2 Modules]
  • 5How to become a Freelancer in Digital Marketing? [2 Modules]
  • 6E-commerce Listing and Marketplace Selling [2 Modules]
  • 7Programmatic Marketing [1 Module]
  • 8Adobe Analytics – SiteCatalyst [1 Module]
  • 9How to create an Infographic Resume [1 Module]
  • 10Content Marketing (in association with LinkedIn) [1 Module]
  • 11Lead Sourcing [1 Module]

What You Learn?

31 Modules

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  • 1Digital Marketing Overview - 3 Hours
  • 2Website planning & Creation - 12 Hours
  • 3Email Marketing - 4 Hours
  • 4Lead Generation - 3 Hours
  • 5Google AdWords - 12 Hours
  • 6Google Analytics - 6 Hours
  • 7Facebook Marketing - 12 Hours
  • 8LinkedIn Marketing - 3 Hours
  • 9Twitter Marketing - 6 Hours
  • 10Video Marketing - 3 Hours
  • 11Instagram marketing - 2 Hours
  • 12Pinterest Marketing - 2 Hours
  • 13Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) - 15 Hours
  • 14Online Display Advertising - 3 Hours
  • 15Ecommerce Marketing- 6 Hours
  • 16Mobile Web Marketing - 3 Hours
  • 17Content Marketing - 3 Hours
  • 18Online Reputation Management - 3 Hours
  • 19Affiliate Marketing Basics - 3 Hours
  • 20Adsense & Blogging - 3 Hours
  • 21How To Grab Freelancing Projects? - 1 Hour
  • 1Spying on Competitors Marketing Strategies - 1 Hour
  • 2Influencer Marketing - 2 Hours
  • 3Email Marketing - 2 Hours
    • How to Write Killer subject Line to Ensure High Open Rates
    • Optimisation Techniques
    • Ensuring High Inbox Delivery (How to escape spam filters)
    • Email Marketing Strategies
  • 4Lead Generation - 3 Hours
    • Optimising Landing Pages
    • A/B Testing
    • Sales Funnels
  • 5Facebook Ads - 2 Hours
    • Optimisation Techniques
    • Automation
    • Advance Scaling Strategies
  • 6Twitter Marketing - 1 Hour
    • Multiple Strategies to Increase Organic Reach with Examples.
    • Twitter Cards
  • 7Instagram Marketing - 1 Hour
    • A Proven Case Study - How a brand reached from 0 to 1,00,000 followers organically in less then 1 year.
  • 8Growth Hacking - 3 Hours
  • 9Steroids for SEO - 2 Hours
  • 10Google Adwords - 2 Hours
    • Advanced Optimisation of Campaigns
    • Competitors Analysis
    • Decoding Google Adwords Algorithm
    • Scaling Strategy that works
  • 11Media Buying using Programmatic and Google Double Click - 1 Hour
  • 12A Massive list of 500+ Digital Marketing Tools used by Top Digital Marketers Worldwide - 1 Hour

Affiliate Masterclasses- How to make money with Affiliate Marketing & Blogging?

  • 1Affiliate Marketing - 6 Hours
    Affiliate Marketing can be scaled to a million dollars a month with 50% profits margins in no time. All one needs is how to
    • Find profitable offers
    • Spy on other affiliates
    • Run profitable campaigns
    • Scale successful campaigns to multiply earnings
    • Tools used by super affiliates
  • 2Deep Blogging Secrets that makes money in 2018 - 6 Hours
    A combination of three successful methods to make money with blogging. No hustling around with writing good content, doing SEO & getting organic traffic from google. But a proven method that is known only to a handful of affiliates & bloggers that can be scaled to a profitability of more than $1000 everyday.

Affiliate Masterclasses- How to make money with Affiliate Marketing & Blogging?

  • 1Black Hat techniques that work in 2018 & known only to renowned digital marketers worldwide

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Outcome Of Training?

After successful completion of the Training Program you not only
become capable to track and monitor digital marketing performance but you will
be able to plan conceptualize and implement Digital Marketing strategy yourself.
Put simply, you become an expert in marketing any business online.

Let us help you
to build your business and career and
change your life forever

What Will Make You An Expert?

Learn From Experts

At DSIM we do not have trainers but industry leaders and experts who share their rich experience and knowledge with you.


Entire training is based on assignments given to trainees for every module and evaluation done by trainers.

Practical Training

At DSIM you just do not learn but practically do it yourself. Also every module is taught practically as laptops are compulsory in class.


Get an industry-recognized certificate from Delhi School of Internet Marketing.

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  • Back up classes in case you miss few classes
  • Repeat classes in case of doubts
  • 2 hours doubt session every month after completion of training at no charges
  • Job assistance and interview scheduling
  • $80 website building theme for free

What Our Trainees Say.?
DSIM is No.1 Choice for Digital Marketing Course in South Delhi.


DSIM’s training helped me earn 7 lacs within a year as a freelancer.

Manish Rohilla
Works as Freelancer
DSIM Student

I have come all the way from Dubai to India to join DSIM.

Sidvin Shetty
Product Marketing Manager in
DSIM's Ex-Trainee

DSIM helped me to get my first job with Yahoo India

Mr. Shobhith
Ad Operations – Specialist
Yahoo India
DSIM's Ex-Trainee

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Professionals Trained




Rating given by Students

What you gain?

Working Professionals

  • Open gates for multiple industries
  • Get a plethora of job opportunities in digital marketing industry
  • Skills and expertise for advanced career growth
  • Planning to start your own business? Get a wider reach with Digital marketing
  • Work as a part-time freelancer, make money online


  • Generate more qualified business leads & convert into sales
  • Increase business revenue with an extra outlet for sales- online
  • Save up to 60% of advertising cost with online advertising
  • Track and measure your performance with 100% accuracy
  • Expand your business to a wider geographical area by marketing it online
  • Your competitors are getting customers online.... don't get left behind

Job Seekers

  • Improve your CV and apply for 2.6L job opportunities avaliable by the end of 2018
  • Get an edge over others by learning what others will learn later
  • Work part time as a freelancer along with your studies
  • Every 3rd person is on MBA. Get unique skills that guarantee sucess
  • Give companies extra reasons to hire you.
  • Earn commisions as on affiliate marketer

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