Sahil Vohra

Handled search engine marketing campaign over million dollars for account’s like WALMART, TOYOTA, Johnson and Johnson.

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How students have rated Sahil Vohra?
Knowledgeable about the subject9/10
Used visual materials/examples effectively9/10
Interest in sharing information and knowledge9/10
Open for queries and doubts 9/10
No. of students trained?

1509+ professionals at DSIM

No. of students trained?

Since 5thNovember 2013

What trainees say about Sahil Vohra?

He was little bit fast while teaching but has vast knowledge about the subject. Open to queries. Overall experience was very good. -

Sahil is the finest trainer at DSIM. His command over the topics is very strong. -

Professional, knowledgeable and expert in Google Adwords. -

Tools shared by him are very useful for Online advertising. -

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