2.4 Lac's Jobs In Digital Marketing By The End Of 2016 In India: A Report Dsim.in

2.4 lac’s Jobs in Digital Marketing by the End of 2016 In India: A Report

Last updated on April 29th, 2014 at 12:17 pm


With 31% year-on year increase and an online population of 73.9 million, India is now the world’s third largest internet population. Besides, online retail in India is on rise as 60% percent of web users in the country visit online retail sites. Both these factors including a number of other factors account for a growing digital marketing industry in India. In fact when all other industries are struggling with 10 to 12 %, digital marketing industry is booming high with 30% growth rate.

The country requires lacs of skilled digital marketing professionals at present and in future too. Depending upon the current trends and market scenario, it is expected that things will only get bigger and better for digital marketing in the coming time. Let’s have a look to the marketing scenario and some stats related with internet and mobile in India.

The Market Scenario

1120The world of marketing has seen a great revolution in past few years whether it is advertising, promotion or sales. Even those who were unsure of the potential of digital marketing in the last decade have now dived into this ocean of opportunities offered by the internet. Unlike, television marketing when your target audiences were reached only during the prime time, digital marketing allows you to connect with your customer almost anytime and the entire credit goes to the internet and mobile devices. The way people are getting smartphones and tablets for anything and everything, it is apparent that demand for digital marketers will only increase in the coming the time.

Some stats related with Internet and Mobile in India (The current Trends)

1219• As per February 2013, India’s Internet Population stood at 150 Million ( which is the 3rd Largest in the world)
• India has seen a 20x growth in search queries in the last 5 years
• India is Google 3rd largest market globally
• India is the 5 th Largest nation in term of YouTube users
• Indian’s spend around 16 hours online ( in a week) on an average. That’s more than the time we spend watching TV
• The Indian Online advertising market has crossed 1000 crores ( in 2010) and is growing fast at a rate of 50% per year
• India has nearly 950 mobile subscribers and at least 50 million subscribers have internet enables mobile phones
• There are around 90 million websites but there are 500 million Facebook profiles
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So, this was about the market scenarios and the current trends in India when it comes to mobile and internet usage in the country. This clearly depicts that how the country is getting more and more digitized and that how digital marketing industry is booming high in India, opening doors for skilled digital marketing professionals. In fact, study also revealed that the way digital marketing industry is growing in India there would be 2.4 lacs jobs in digital marketing by the end of 2016 in the country.

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