5 Must-try PPC Features for Marketers


Different platforms, different ad features, and some of them match each other and some of them get distinct. Here in this article is a list of 5 features of Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, LinkedIn, etc. 1) Google Ads Account Notes Panel In Google Ads, a marketer can add notes for the account using the account notes […]

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LinkedIn Announces 3 New Objectives to Campaign Manager

LinkedIn marketers will find three new ways to accomplish their advertising goals. Employing Campaign Manager, advertisers can now optimize their marketing ad campaigns for the following goals- Brand Awareness: Boost share-of-voice throughout the top of funnel campaigns that charge by impressions. Website Conversions: Optimize campaigns for particular website activities, like purchases or event registrations. Job […]

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21 Best Tools and Apps for Marketers


Marketers have to perform multiple tasks at a time with accuracy and efficiency. But, in a limited time, it’s not possible manually, but with certain tools they can achieve their target efficiently and accuracy. Here is a list of 21 tools and apps for marketers that can make their work easy and comfortable. 1) SCRL SCRL […]

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How Businesses Can Improve Sales with AI


“It’s not about having the right opportunities. It’s about handling the opportunities right.” -Mark Hunter”. Sale is always about an opportunity and more than that it is about how you handle it. With the inception of Artificial Intelligence, opportunities have increased and so as the sales. We are not saying it like this only, we […]

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LinkedIn Introduces a New Way to Drive Leads


LinkedIn is introducing new tools to help company pages to drive leads and measure the impacts. Custom Call-to-Action (CTA) Button “As a Page Admin, we’ve heard that you want the ability to customize the way you engage with your Page followers and visitors. Beyond the primary “Follow” button, we’ve now added the ability to select […]

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