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Startup Roundup: 21 brands Reveal Their Marketing Secrets 


Building a startup from scratch is no easy task and to categorize and showcase how innovative and creative the company is, really relies upon how it is practically done.

To know how these names earned the greatest potential i.e. benefits of digital platforms to transform the marketing experience, we steered a ‘Startup Roundup’. The take on was to bring chosen names share their marketing preferences and help us radically alter ours.

The questions asked in Roundup:

To get the answer of “Which Marketing Platforms/Channels are actually in demand?” we approached Brands and asked them these 2 questions based on the Online Marketing and aspects. Here we go in a view to let the secrets get exposed:


The Execution of Roundup

Meet the Startup Names from the Roundup and read how we received the opportunity to have their official talk on the occasion:

S.No Startup Founder Pitch Founding Year
1 Cashify Mandeep Manocha and Nakul Kumar Used & Old Gadgets Selling 2013
2 RarePlanet Ranodeep Saha Product Selling 2015
3 TrueJodi Ravi Mittal Matrimonial 2015
4 BuyHatke Gaurav Dahake Product Selling 2012
5 Bro4U Pramod Hegde Service Provider 2015
6 CITYFURNISH Neerav Jain Premium Furniture & Home Appliances 2015
7 Stay Uncle Sanchit Sethi Hotel Accommodation Provider 2014
8 YesSettle Rajinder Sharma Settle the disputes out of the court 2015
9 Let’s Barter India Pooja Bhayana Barter products & services 2015
10 RentSher Karandeep Singh Vohra Products on Rent 2014
11 Furlenco Shaiju Mathew Furniture on Rent 2011
12 ShoeKonnect Chaitanya Rathi Cater the needs of Footwear 2014
13 Prozo Ekesh Tewari For Books Ordering 2011
14 Zapyle Rashi Menda For Fashionistas 2015
15 iDreamCareer Praveen Kumar Students’ Guidance & Career Assistance 2012
16 CarIQ Deepak Thomas Car Maintenance & Services 2012
17 Legistify Akshat Singhal Help You Find A Lawyer 2013
18 VanityCube Renu Bisht Beauty & Makeup Services at home 2014
19 Engrave Nimish Market for Craft Lovers 2011
20 Purple Style Labs Abhishek Agarwal Styling Products 2015
21 KhelNow Ananya Sharma Sports Domain 2014

The stats accumulated here are based on our original research which has been considered further using the responses received. The actual numbers combine average practices and give information on the methods for driving social media and networking sites uses. Here, we bring to you the information collected from the roundup responses:

1) Startups’ Favorite Online Marketing Platform & Why?

The Goal: To know the most preferred platform
The Result:


  • 9 votes for Social Media Marketing
  • 5 votes for Search Engine Marketing
  • 3 votes for with others
  • 3 votes for with Email Marketing
  • 3 votes for Content Marketing
  • 1 votes for Affiliate Marketing
  • 1 votes for Display Advertising

Few of the names shared their detailed viewpoint; here they are:

“Facebook seems to be the best online Marketing Platform as the products we sell are already lucrative enough and thus when we post such things people already start sharing it like crazy.” ——- RarePlanet

“Emails are good for connecting with established user base. Google is good for ROI and social is good for brand awareness.” —— TrueJodi

“Social media is our favorite because it helps us zero down to our targeted audience easily and reach them effectively using relevant pictures, videos and content.” ——CityFurnish

“Content marketing – Because content really is the king”. ——- Prozo

“Email Marketing; Our startup in the “Connected Cars” space. Not many people will be searching for content on it. Hence, we find interested people via Expos and Startup Events and send follow-up mailers for conversion.” ——- iDreamCareer

“Affiliate marketing because it suits the Indian ecosystem of trust issues better.” ——- Purple Style Labs

The champ here is the Social Media, grasping bunches of advantages. In situations where you wish to attract a noteworthy crowd for minimal measure of efforts, the platform works as the best way and this seems the reason why brands prefer to go for it.

2) The Favorite Social Media Marketing Platform And Percentage Of Budget Allotted For Social Media

The Goal: To know the most preferred Social Media platform & budget fixed
The Result:


  • 15 responses for Facebook
  • 1 responses for Instagram
  • 1 responses for Twitter
  • 2 responses for LinkedIn
  • 2 responses for YouTube

The question also comprised a part where names were asked to share their allocated Social Media budget in percentage and the stats collected helped us to come up with the picture:


Startups preferred to use Social Media platforms to reach out to their target audience and billed handsome amount towards the advertising budget.

Few of the names sharing their lookout:

“We haven’t invested any money or allotted for Social Media till now, but the rate we are growing right now I feel the need of a Strong online presence and we will soon invest in Facebook and Instagram.” —–RarePlanet

“80% of our social media budget goes towards Facebook. 20% towards Instagram.”——TrueJodi

The winner here is the Facebook. Owing great targeting capabilities, the stage measures the maximum effectiveness of ROI and so, has become the refined option amongst names.

The roundup was brought with a purpose to reach to the companies straightforwardly to know their specific favorites and concluding on the received responses, we have presented this post. Let’s hope it will be of help in your marketing decisions.

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