Google Lets Users to Set Video Ads at the Campaign Level

Google Ads-dsim

Google Ads is allowing advertisers to set conversion actions at the campaign level for video ads.

Earlier, Google Ads users were able to set conversion action at the account level for their video campaigns.

On the other hand, search and display campaigns have their default, account-level settings rather than selecting conversion actions at the campaign level. 

Now onwards, advertisers will have the same function in video campaigns.

For better understanding, a conversion action is a specific customer action that a marketer defines as being valuable, such as newsletter sign up or purchase.

These specific actions can be made a part of the “Conversion” column, which can later be used to assess performance and optimize bids.

Campaigns can be optimized for several conversion actions when they’re placed into a  “Conversion actions set.” 

Those actions can be applied throughout other campaigns that share the same marketing objective.

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