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An Interview with Gaurav Agrawal, Co- Founder of

Pickmylaundry is a laundry technology company which offers on-demand services including wash and fold, wash and iron, dry clean, steam press, shoe servicing, carpet cleaning, etc. The customers can book the services and get their laundry picked, washed and delivered within 48 Hours at doorsteps.



Q1. Hi, Gaurav! What made you start working on Pickmylaundry? How did the idea of starting up a laundry portal come to your mind?

Ans. Laundry is a big challenge for everyone. We lived in tier-2 & tier-3 cities, where we faced such kind of problems. We just thought that how would people living in good cities getting their laundry done. Are they happy? Or looking for profession service provider?

When we did the market research we found that there is a lot of demand for laundry and customers are willing to use such service.

We thought this is a very nascent stage for laundry service. Pickup and delivery have a lot of challenges for washing center. We started our own logistics, where our team pickup & delivery clothes. This is how we started & shape in up.

Q2. Nice idea! I think there is quite a lot of competition in your business line. What’s special about Pickmylaundry?

Ans. There used to be a lot of competition, but the business requires a lot of operational expertise and use of latest technology to enable that i.e. We have seen a lot of players stop providing laundry services and have transformed their services in another model.

When we started there were almost no other players. Right now we don’t see much competition because the market is very huge. It’s not that there are 100 customers, the number is so big.At one stage we had faced some sort of competition but now the situation is that we are one of the high volume laundry service providers.

Q3. Interesting Gaurav, what are the most effective ways for a company to promote itself online?

Ans. Google analytics, Adwords, Re-marketing, and PR helps in online promotion. We do social media marketing and content marketing for the promotion of our brand and services.

Q4. What are the major problems that you have faced being a first-time entrepreneur?
Ans. When we came here, one of the big problems we faced was that we were not from the big cities; we don’t have any idea about resources. Finding resources is a big challenge for an entrepreneur because they don’t have much contact.
Q5. Do you have any new features in the pipeline? Where do you see Pickmylaundry in 5 years’ time?

Ans. We are currently operational in Delhi and Gurgaon. In 5 year, we see Pickmylaundry in all the major cities across India. People will get to know that there is a professional laundry company. People will start thinking that there is no need of washing machine in their house.

Going forward, we plan to launch revolutionary Express Services, whereby customers can opt for ‘In-a-day Delivery’ or ‘Overnight Delivery’.

Q6. All the best for future Gaurav. Any feedbacks you have received from your website users? How do you handle negative feedback, if any?

Ans. We got negative feedback. Every business has negative feedback. We take a constructive step to work improving our services.

Once, we get feedback that your ironing is not proper. We realize that ironing was proper but it’s getting damaged in logistics. In this competitive market, we should provide a complete solution, for this putting better packaging material will help. That’s how we solved this problem.

We got a lot of feedbacks and we take corrective action to improve our services.

Q7. So, how does a young entrepreneur convince his/her family that this is not just a play but a real business?

Ans. We got no chance to convince them as they supported us in our experiment. They feel proud when they see some news in newspapers and advertisement over social media.

Q8.Great Gaurav. What one piece of advice would you give to someone starting up their own business?
Ans. Don’t start your business just to raise funding. Start your business to build value, based on this value funding will automatically come.

“It was nice talking to you. Thank you so much for your time and providing us valuable information. Team DSIM wishes you all the best for your future.”

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