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An Interview with Prasoon Agrawal, Co-Founder at

FirstRide simplifies the hassles of buying a new car right from providing unbiased information to organizing a test drive and buying the car.  It is a platform for people to search, compare, book a test drive and finally buy a new car completely online and hassle free. It is a complete solution provider for all your car related requirements. 

Q1. Hi Prasoon and welcome. Today we are talking about your business Tell us a few words what is it about?

Ans. FirstRide Helps consumers buy cars online without visiting the dealers.

In the vent of doing that, we also help manufacturers and dealers in reducing operation cost and increase their margins.

We give consumers to book multiple cars for test drive at their doorstep And then further help them in buying loan, insurance, accessories and services post sale.

With the help OBD reader, we help manufacturers understand the driving pattern of consumers during the test drive and also post sales through an invite only program which helps in building better cars in the future.

Q2. Nice concept Parsoon. What was the most difficult thing in the beginning?

Ans. The most difficult thing was to convenience the dealers and they all come with the different mindset and don’t understand the technology quite well, and you can’t work with manufacturers unless you are a big company.

Q3. As we know that nowadays there are a lot of same websites, so, Prasoon, how is firstride different? 

Ans. Other websites you are talking about platforms to get information about cars. We are more transaction-focused. And we help consumers throughout the journey of owning the car.

Q4. Interesting! We are curious to know, how do you promote your company and how do you reach your customer`s? What digital marketing model works best for you?

Ans. We can customers through online activities like SEO, SMM, SCM, Content marketing and through offline activities like Test-drive event at It parks and societies.

In digital, Facebook has worked the best for us.

Q5. Wonderful Prasoon. How do you feel the digital marketing has evolved over the years?

Ans. Earlier digital marketing was more like discovery, which was SCM where your ad is showing above all and you get a direct click on your website.

Nowadays it’s more about relevance, timing, content, connect with the consumer, value proposition, and that the reason social media works better as it blends multiple of these together and hooks the users in a very natural way.

Q6. Parsoon, what would be your best advice for people looking to buy a car?

Ans. Car is the second highest purchase a person does in his lifetime and thus it should be done with some effort to get best results. Gather Information through online websites, read reviews on blogs like team BHP, do take multiple test drives of cars and then finally choose a car.

Q7. Finally, at the end of our conversation, If you need to define your company in just a few words what would these words be?

Ans. FirstRide is an online marketplace for new cars, which helps consumers buy cars online without visiting the dealers.

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