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An Interview with Mr. Rajinder Raheja,
Founder of and DSIM’s Ex-Trainee

An Interview with Mr. Rajinder Raheja, Founder of and DSIM’s Ex-Trainee. He shares with us as to how digital media has become the latest trend in the market.

Q1. Hi Mr. Raheja! You are working as a SR. Manager Sales in Zee TV. How did you cover your journey till here? I mean what all challenges did you face in your life when it comes to career?
Ans. yeah! See I started my career with infomedia India Ltd where I was at very junior level and from there I moved to Sahara India TV network. It was a TV channel I mean a news network basically and from there I moved to Zee. But throughout my career the only thing I mean I have struggled for… you know is the challenges you face in terms of profile. See the challenges are more or less bound to be there. Once you overcome a challenge another challenge ready in front of you.
Q2. So being in traditional media do you see any threat to traditional media?
Ans. No, there is no threat as such to traditional media but yes people are looking for out of the traditional media to other you know from where they can get maximum exposure because see! The growth is only 5 to 10 % in each and every industry I mean looking at the scene. But if you have to really increase your output then only you have to reduce your advertising budget or you have to cut your cost and that can only be done through the I mean because traditional media is very expensive if I take about the print, TV or outdoor they are very expensive media but in today’s scenario digital is little bit less expensive. From my point of view there is a lot of potential in digital marketing. However, people with core knowledge in digital media are lacking. But then, the planning in digital media is concrete …like in Google you can find out the people like who is watching your advertisement, what is the traffic exactly on the site or what is the profile but you cannot do it in the traditional media.
Q3. As per you, what should a brand use –traditional media or digital media or both?
Ans. It’s both! Ideally it’s both! Because see every proposition should have both the teams. Now it depends on what product you are selling into the market. Like in FMCG category I will sell through the traditional media but if I am selling something in service industry I will invest 50% in the traditional media and 50% in the digital media…you know it’s easy basically the group profile. Depending on the target market you need to have your teams whether traditional media or digital media work on it. If your target market is the young generation it is obviously digital media that you should opt for.
Q4. So Rajinder…. Being a senior pro in electronic media (TV) and having 9 years of experience… why digital marketing now?
Ans.  Since I am into media (TV) industry where percentage of growth is 10-15% but in digital marketing industry it is almost around 30%.Digital marketing industry has the highest growth prospects at present.
Q5. Well! Besides, were you facing any challenges at your work that compelled you to take this training?
Ans. There was no challenge as such but I was looking for an industry where there is more growth and digital marketing industry is growing faster.

Q6. So as you said digital marketing is growing faster please tell us more about the scope of digital marketing?
Ans. Well! The scope of digital media is great. It has just started and has a long way to go. The way Internet usage is increasing and reaching to tier 2 and tier 3 it has a lot of opportunity for everybody. Not just the metropolitan cities people everywhere are becoming depended on Internet. We are using 3G and 4 G is about to come. Indeed, the digital marketing is growing at exponential rate.
Q7. How was your overall training experience @ DSIM?
Ans. It was good! You know I never thought that digital marketing is such a vast field. It covers a lot of things I only got to know after I attended its training. The only thing I need to convey to DSIM is that they should have more branches in NCR as only have one in Malviya Nagar.
Q8. So any message for the masses especially the working professionals?
Ans. Well! If things are not going on good and if they are not doing well enough at their current work, they should look out something professionally good where the industry is growing, where the growth is there, where there is opportunity to grow. And it is good to be a part of digital marketing industry as you can grow with it. Internet celebration is increasing and people are now coming on smart phones. Digital marketing has actually become the pie of the market. The Internet’s gone from a technical wonder to a business must in a very small span of time..
Mr. Rajinder Raheja completed his Internet marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in Feb 2013.
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