Facebook has quickly become an online video powerhouse, with its users watching four billion videos per day. Now the company is looking to expand its control of the sector by bringing music videos to the News Feed, the New York Times reports. Facebook is in talks with record labels to add a limited number of music videos to its site before the end of the year.

Facebook News Feed

Such a move would put Facebook in even more direct competition with YouTube, which is the most popular platform for young people to listen to music. Almost all of YouTube’s most popular videos are music videos, and the site now has its own music streaming service and music awards show.

By hosting music videos, Facebook would also compete somewhat with Vevo, a company set up by the labels Universal and Sony for their music videos and other official content, which is accessible through YouTube and various other platforms.

Facebook denied on Thursdaythe launch of its own music streaming service. For now, video seems to be the company’s top priority.

Facebook serves around 4 billion videos a day but it reportedly struggles with the amount of copyrighted material uploaded – something YouTube is able to manage using its Content ID tool and partnerships with certain labels.

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