“Getting Paid 3.6 Lacs Being A Fresher Is All Because Of Digital Marketing Skills That I Have Learnt” Dsim.in

“Getting paid 3.6 lacs being a fresher is all because of digital marketing skills that I have learnt”

By DSIM Team / 06/08/2013
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An Interview with Mr. Hitesh Kumar, Senior Search Consultant in Qudos Digital and DSIM’s Ex-Trainee

An Interview with Mr. Hitesh Kumar, Senior Search Consultant in Qudos Digital and DSIM’s Ex-Trainee. He shares with us how adding digital marketing skills to his resume helped him get a job he always had aspired for.

Q1. Hi Hitesh! How do you feel when you finally have got a job you always had aspired for? 
Ans. What an emotional roller coaster this has all been. I have been through every emotional phase one can possibly go through over the last 2 years. But now the tables have turned for good, I’m glad I got this wonderful profile.
Q2. So what is your job profile in your current company?
Ans. Well I’m a Senior Search Consultant handling projects of SEO & Google Adwords @ Qudos Digital.
Q3. Asking somebody for his/her salary doesn’t seem good but we are unable hold back our curiosity and are excited to know what salary you are grabbing every month?
Ans. It’s Thirty Thousand per Month.
Q4. Well! That’s a good figure! So what made you undergo a digital marketing training?
Ans.  I’ve been always fascinated by this Marketing thing since my childhood days, gradually with the time I was realizing this that the current scenario of the Marketing is drastically changing from traditional norms to this Giant called “Digital Marketing”. So thought of learning it from Gurus & finally landed up with DSIM.
Q5. Talking about digital marketing it is believed to be the top most industry when it comes to growth rate at present. What’s your take on this? 
Ans. As a Digital Marketer I’m seeing an immense scope of Digital Marketing in 5 years down the line, you see the point being everyone these days are carrying smart phones & with the power of internet the outreach has become wide & targeted. Talking of Present scope this industry is Booming, & for the future it is certainly going be the Billion Dollar Industry.

Q6. True! Anyway how did the training help you?
Ans.It helped me big-time, I was not aware of some techniques & lessons that are must for this industry, every person I met there went above and beyond my expectations. The Class-room environment is so good to learn that even being an Amateur won’t be a problem. And you know what I am a fresher in digital media industry; I only have one year’s experience and that too in crude marketing. Getting paid 3.6 lacs being a fresher is all because of digital marketing skills that I have learnt.
Q7. How was your overall training experience @ DSIM?  
Ans. Instructors are really awesome, younger and persistent and beneficial in their own way. They assisted me expertly and they always cultivated & cherished my passion for Digital Marketing. Without the Delhi School of Internet Marketing I would not have a job that I love.
Q8. So is there something you would like to put across to the masses? 
Ans. I only want to convey this to the masses especially young job seekers like me that tough time never remains forever however you too have to be well prepared and ever active to drive that out. I went through some tough times but instead of getting disheartened I researched on the market scenario and found what is that it requires. Then I went ahead and learnt digital marketing that added value to my resume and see here I am.
Hitesh Kumar completed his Internet marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in June 2013.
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