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Being a marketing professional you must be able to distinguish between a website’s homepage and the landing page. Both happen to be a place where the visitors land however there is a difference in the way they land the respective web pages. So, which one is more crucial for your business- a homepage or a landing page? Let’s see!

In the mean time, let’s find out the difference between the two and for that let’s take DSIM’s homepage and landing page for instance.

Below is the home page of DSIM. As you can see that the page is designed for wider ranging purpose and is not campaign based. Homepage is a reservoir of links connecting visitors to different information on the website. Whether it is the ‘about’ information, the’ contact info’, ‘blog’ or the about the ‘course curriculum’, you can find all related information on the homepage.


Homepage Content Vs Homepage Design

What do you think is more important when it comes to the homepage, is it content or design? Comparing the two perhaps will give a better answer. Let’s do that:

I. High quality, education-based content is quite helpful in increasing awareness, building trust, nurturing and converting leads, serving customers and even generating referrals.
II. A well-designed homepage helps you make your customer feel that you care about details and that you really want to add something fun and meaningful to their lives.

So, what according to you is more crucial? If I had to choose, I had certainly chosen both, for they perfectly balance each other and provide users with the best possible experience and you with the best possible results. Let’s see how:

• Good design pull customers towards your website while good content helps to retain them.
• Both of them together are responsible for developing a cohesive branding message.
• Even when it comes to search results, they play equally important roles.


2) Landing Page

Coming to the landing page of the website, it is a webpage that a visitor can arrive at or ‘lands’ on after clicking on an ad or a call-to action button. Below is DSIM’s landing page for illustration. You can see the page is designed for a single promotion and contains two links in the form of calls-to-action. This is what your landing page is meant to be. A landing page is created keeping lead generation in mind. So you must create a dedicated strategy for your landing page as they are really very critical for your business just like the way home page is for various purposes such as building customer relationship, trust building, educating the customers, and so on.

LandingPage Dsim

Landing Page Content Vs Landing Page Design
Same goes with landing page as well when it comes to whether content is more important or the design. Content and design complement each other even in a landing page too. Let’s suppose you have created very good content but have placed things irrelevantly on your landing page and the design is also poor, do you think the visitor will stay for long on your page or will take any action? Perhaps not! So design is as important as your content happens to be. And, as far as content is concerned there are so many things that you need to keep in mind while creating it for landing page such as its consistency with the ads, clarity of the offer and so on.


Both homepage and landing page are equally crucial, for they both serve different purposes that are crucial for your business. You cannot overlook one for the other. Both need your equal attention as lead generation is almost impossible without rapport building and what’s the use of rapport building if you have not generated leads and made sales for your business. After all, you make every endeavor to get some sales, end of the day.

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