How Parcelled increased its order size from 2 digit to 2500+ orders a day?

About Parcelled

Parcelled is a new way to courier your stuff sitting in the comfort of your home. The company doesn’t have any outlets or branches because of their motto of not letting you to go out of your house to ship anything. Today, when every industry has transformed itself digitally including food, groceries, clothes, electronics, doctors, service men then why not couriers? Parcelled provides a very simple and relaxed way to send couriers right from your home with one touch of your finger!


Story behind Parcelled

Xitij, an IIT Bombay mechanical engineer hails from Vadodara, Gujarat. His father is a civil engineer and mother is a mathematics teacher. They cradled Xitij in an environment where small and medium businesses were always thriving. Looking with his father’s friends, as most of them were businessmen, Xitij observed many up and downs in their life and how they persist through everything. As a kid their stories & success really motivated him. From a very young age, Xitij always wanted to do whatever his father’s friends were doing.

After completing his education from IIT, Xitij worked with Tata Strategic Management Group and after that in Flipkart. He got his two friends from IIT Bombay- Abhishek Srivastava (Mechanical Engineer) and Prateek Bhandari (Aerospace Engineer) and two other Rikin Kachhia and Nikhil Bansal from Flipkart where he used to work.

At a point of time, each of them had to face the stress of sending something important and urgent to their family or friends, but not getting the job done efficiently. One day, they started talking about this situation and thought, “How can we solve it?” The engineer’smind inside them gave the answer. Since they all had a background in logistics, entrepreneurship came as an obvious answer. That’s how got its existence in September 2014.
In today’s fast paced world the most valuable thing is time and not money. People waste hours in traveling to post offices or standing in lines. In some case that might save a couple of bucks but in every case that costs a lot of lost time. So the company wanted to end this pain point of customers.

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Why we choose Parcelled as Startup of the Week?

• The unique option of sending couriers is with free pick-up and free-packaging option.

• Based out of Bangalore, Parcelled has grabbed quick funding from Delhivery and Tracxn Labs.

• They have gone from 20 orders a day in April to 1000 orders a day in just 3 months.

• They have also partnered with FedEx and DHL to ship the packages.

• Within a year, it has gained popularity over the social media. It has around 4000 fans on Facebook and 232 followers on Twitter platform.

Working Model

Parcelled has tied up with almost every logistics player in the sector. So after doing pickup, in the places where they don’t have their own ground fleets, they hand over the package to third party partner. So taking all this into account the company currently is able to keep the courier rate cheap and along with this, it has the largest network over 19,000 deliverable pin codes to be the fastest.

The team of Parcelled is quite big and has grown exponentially over the past few months. More than 200 people are on the ground and a 60+ team is taking care of everything else. Currently they are serving in 5 cities and the reason for the growth has been excellent reception in the consumers.

Funding and Future Plans

Parcelled has been funded by Delhivery & TRAXCN a while back. Its revenue model is as like other logistics player in the country. What differentiates it from others is the fact that they have added a layer of transparency and functionality for the customers.

With recent launch of services by Parcelled in new cities, it has now its presence in 5 cities naming Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Jaipur. The plan is to be present in every city and the company is growing with a huge pace with maintained quality.

Currently, expanding to more and more cities and developing a state of the art technology is the top priority for Parcelled. The ultimate goal is to develop products that can help users in their daily life and make it much simpler.

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