How this fitness app Fitpass has inspired the bunch of people to do workout with lower cost and higher flexibility?


About Fitpass

Giving fitness accessibility with more than 100,000 daily workout options to choose from, Fitpass has started its leading gym in Delhi-NCR. The service is offered to the customers through web, iOS and Android platform.

The nominal pricing of Rs. 999 per month is very much cost-effective than an average gym membership. Fitpass offers workout such as Pilates, Zumba, yoga, kickboxing, aerobics, etc.

Founded in 2015 by the brother and sister Akshay and Arushi Verma, Fitpass has tied up with more than 1,000 gyms and fitness studios in Delhi-NCR.

Why we chose Fitpass as Startup of the Week?

  • It gives fitness access in more than 1000 gyms with 100,000+ daily workout options.
  • The app is available on web, iOS and Android.
  • The service is offered at a cost-effective membership plan of Rs. 999 per month.
  • Fitpass membership give access to well-known fitness places like Gold’s Gym, Crush Fitness, Delhi Dance Academy, and Bharat Yoga Sansthan.
  • Fitpass has six proprietary products named after the most common fitness goals like Six Pack Abs, Sexy Calves, Dolay Sholay, 36-24-36, Pecs of Steel and Bikini Bod.
  • Till now, the company has got more than 13,000 app downloads.
  • It has got around 50,000 fans over Facebook.

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The craze of fitness is rapidly increasing in India and Gyms has become more searched word on Google than Bollywood. India wants to be fit but – high price, inconvenience, fixed schedules, and long-term contracts prevent them from doing so.

Fitpass membership gets you access to well-known places like Gold’s Gym, Crush Fitness, Delhi Dance Academy, and Bharat Yoga Sansthan.

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Fitpass is working with technology to organize the unstructured health market space to make it available for everyone and make the people healthy.

Most importantly, the company is helping gyms and fitness studios to increase their utilization rates. One reason why gyms and fitness studios may be willing to partner with Fitpass is that it is an unorganized sector. As India is getting richer, it’s getting unhealthier. Unlike the west, India lacks in the superior quality gyms where one can do cycling tracks, and other gym activities.

Fitpass currently offers six services wrapped totally in a single product named after the most common fitness goals like Six Pack Abs, Sexy Calves, Dolay Sholay, 36-24-36, Pecs of Steel and Bikini Bod. Customers are given proper diet plan with the product they choose and the trainer guides them further to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Current Scenario

So far, the company has received more than 13,000 app downloads. Users have enjoyed three lakh minutes of workouts through the company’s app in the last 90 days and 90% of all the users are from the age group of 18-35.

The one and half year old venture claims to have 100 percent business growth on a monthly basis. At present, Fitpass has been working with Rs. 15, 00,000 monthly revenue run rate.


Fitpass is currently based out in Delhi and is operational in more than 1000 gyms in Delhi-NCR. Bolstered by a team with the strongest pedigree of Oxford, Columbia, IIT, St. Stephen’s and Delhi University, with its teeth cut in UBS Investment Bank, McKinsey, the World Bank, Zomato, Grofers, Fitpass is bringing in the age of ‘fit-tech’ in India.
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