STOP PUSHING! How To Lead Your Sales Team To Excellence?

STOP PUSHING! How to Lead Your Sales Team to Excellence?

By DSIM Team / 17/01/2014












“True sales effectiveness requires creating and building manager skills and a management culture that adds value to the sales force”

In the past, the sales manager’s job was limited to hiring and then keeping strong sales performers.Today, sales managers are still recruited from the ranks of the sales team, but they play a more vital role in creating sales effectiveness. Research shows that sales managers who engage their salespeople, coach effectively, and lead through a systematic sales process have higher win/loss ratios, higher revenue, and lower salesperson turnover.

Here are 8 tips which will help your sales team perform more effectively –

hs 1Planning is imperative for a sales campaign. You cannot wake up in the middle of the night with an awesome idea and circulate to your sales team that it must be implemented the first thing in the morning. Trust me, it’s a bad practice. Even though its good to have ideas but plan out when to implement the. Ideas implemented in the nick of time often create disconcert among the people associated.


hs 2Sales is a technique not everyone is well versed with. While hiring for sales reps, look for the best talent in the market. People can be trained about your product and their sales skills can be nourished as per your requirement but, developing a sales technique requires a lot of effort and time. Make good choices right from the beginning and see your sales escalate.



hs 3Never send more marketing and lead generation materials out than sales can follow-up timely. Timely follow up ensures repo building with your target customers leading to an increase in your sales turnover ratio. Too much of information can cause clutter leading to confusion among your sales reps and their respective leads.

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hs 4Salespeople tend to have two top motivators: money and recognition. You may be limited in how much money you can shower on your salespeople but there’s no limit to the recognition you can provide. If a salesperson is performing well, praise her both privately and in front of the team. Any time a salesperson’s performance improves markedly – even if he’s not doing much better than the rest of the team – make a point of showing him that you noticed that improvement. A little positive feedback can do wonders to boost your team’s morale and get them performing at an even higher level.


hs 5Training is necessary at every level. There are new updates every time in the industry and your sales reps need to be well informed. Organize small training sessions once a month and keep your sales people informed with the updates in the industry and how they should handle them. This will ensure authentic communication between the sales reps and their leads.


hs 6An idea, however great it might be is dirt unless it is implemented! Learn to communicate your idea to the sales team and ensure that all of them have understood it properly. A well informed and homogenous sales team reaps amazing results as there is no scope for confusion.



hs 7Evaluation of progress is very necessary. Once you have given targets to your sales reps, make it a practice to take regular hurdles and ask them about their progress. If you find any loophole in the way they are managing their leads, take steps to correct those. Evaluating progress keeps the sales people on their heels and they perform more effectively.


hs 8Achieving the sales targets doesn’t always require pushing. At times, you have to create a blend of all the strategies listed above and then constantly move forward. Always remember, a well-planned strategy will inevitable yield good results. Pushing is a demotivating factor for many people. Instead of this, motivate them, take 1-o-1 sessions and leads your sales team to excellence!


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