April 20, 2014

Digital Marketing Training

Duration:90 Hours
Weekday-9 weeks
Weekend-15 weeks
Sunday-18 weeks
Recomended for:
Working Professionals
Students, Entrepreneurs

Search Engine Optimization Training

Duration:24 Hours
Weekday-3 weeks
Weekend-5 weeks
Recomended for:
Working Professionals

Inbound Marketing Training

Duration:37 Hours
Weekday-4 weeks
Weekend-7 weeks
Recomended for:

Social Media Marketing Training

Duration:24 Hours
Weekday-3 weeks
Weekend-4 weeks
Recomended for:
Working Professionals

No Teacher Only Experts
Industry Expert led training for
Training & case studies
Gain practical knowledge of industry
Industry recognized certificate
Join & take your resume to next level
Life time query suport
Through regular forms & query sessions
Weekday/Weekend options
Flexible class timing that suits everyone
Make money online
Best practices for earning huge commission online
Working Professionals
» Gain expertise in operating business online.
» High career growth with advanced skills.
» Increase sales online & achieve your targets.
» Help your company grow with your IM skills.
» Every 3rd person is an MBA. Learn what really matters.
» Work as a part time freelancer & make money online.
» Furnish your qualification with edge on others.
» Find more customers online for your product / service.
» Gain expertise in operating your business online.
» Take your business to another level by reaching a large audience.
» Increase your revenue by marketing on internet.
» Create your brand awareness using social media.
» Reduce your advertising cost by 60%.
» Generate business leads through inbound marketing.
» Improve your CV & Apply for more right job interviews.
» Learn what others will learn later.
» High career growth with advanced skills.
» Work part time as a freelancer along with your studies
» Have increased self esteem and respect from fellows.
» Give companies extra reasons to hire you.
» Earn commissions as an affiliate marketer.
  • How to set up & grow business on internet?
  • How to reach target market?
  • How to bring targeted traffic to your website?
  • How to measure your competitor's activities?
  • How to follow up with current & prospect customers?
  • How to measure the behavior of your visitors?
  • How to define your target market?
  • How to spread awareness?
  • How to do Performance based advertising?
  • How & what to communicate?
  • How to generate leads & sales online?
  • How to track the performance of your website?

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