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[Case Study]- 3 Content Marketing Success Strategies from Netflix


If you’re looking for a strong content marketing strategy, consider to follow the footsteps of experienced marketers. Content marketing is one of the essential elements of branding and you would find numbers of successful content marketing examples around you, for instance, Netflix. Netflix is a streaming service that enables its audience to watch different sorts […]


[Case Study]- 4 Brands Nailing it on Snapchat


In today’s marketing, storytelling is king. Marketers are always looking for new and different ways to reach their audience, and they’ve make it in Snapchat. Brands started seeing the opportunity to connect with users with snap stories. The best part of it all was the companies could track and see how many people were deliberately […]


[Case Study]- How Brands Reached From 0 To 100K Followers Organically in Less than 1 Year


With billions of pictures, Instagram has become the world’s most trendy photo-sharing app. It’s no longer a surprise that Instagram has grown to having more than 800 million active monthly users. Growing your followers on Instagram can be tough things. You always hear a question: “How to get 100K followers on Instagram” When you’re starting […]


[Case Study]- 5 Brands doing Powerful Instagram Marketing


Instagram has grown to over 800 million monthly active monthly users. And you can’t believe the fact that only 23% of brands use it. It has become one of the top engaging social media networks for businesses. Here is some Instagram Stats: 7 out of 10 hashtags on Instagram are branded 80% of users follow […]


[Case Study]- Facebook vs. Twitter Advertisement


Which one do you prefer: Facebook or Twitter advertisement? It’s a tough question, because, these are completely different, right? Social media sites are adding and improving paid as platforms, advertisers get to choose where they want to advertise online. This leads to the now-popular debate on Facebook Ads vs. Twitter Ads. This case study will […]


Case Study- What is Skyscraper Technique?


If you are struggling to increase your traffic with content, it’s time to start applying more innovative strategies such as the “Skyscraper technique.” If you are posting a new article daily and it is a bad post then it’s no less than no post at all. Instead of posting daily, create 10x times better exceptional […]


[Case Study]- Lessons you can learn from Avengers: Infinity War


Marvel’s latest movie ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ got released recently and it nearly broke all the domestic and worldwide box office records and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. The movie is undoubtedly one of the biggest movies ever to grace the silver screen. This movie took almost a decade and nineteen Marvel […]


[Case Study]- YouTube vs. Vimeo


When it comes to uploading videos online, YouTube and Vimeo are the two most popular channels in the market. That’s why always a question is asked about YouTube vs. Vimeo- which one is better? They are both great platforms with their respective pros and cons. In this article, we will compare YouTube vs. Vimeo to […]


[Case Study]- Squarespace vs. WordPress


Squarespace and WordPress provide a platform for you to build a website and they are massively different. WordPress is used by more than 27% of all websites on the internet while Squarespace controls 1.2 million websites. WordPress is available both as hosted and self-hosted versions while Squarespace is available only as a hosted version. In […]


[Case Study]-5 Brands Winning Cross-channel Tactics


Digital marketing is in a constant state of transformation as content becomes the fuel that drives the growth of cross-channel marketing. Cross promoting your business is primarily a matter of partnering with other businesses to create joint advertising while sharing costs. Retailers and marketers understand the importance and potential of multichannel marketing or Omnichannel marketing, […]


[Case Study]- Content Marketing vs. Native Advertising


Many advertisers are confused by the difference between native advertising and content marketing. Native advertising refers to a single and detailed way for marketers to distribute content, and content marketing refers to a larger practice of advertising and content distribution overall. The goals of content marketing and native advertising are very different. While both want […]


[Case Study]: 5 Examples of SUCCESSFUL Co-branding Partnerships


Strategic partnerships between brands can be a mutually beneficial relationship. It is basically the alliance of two totally different companies that get together to form and sell a new product telling of their uniqueness. Brand collaboration will boost audience, reach new markets, and gain greater distribution and eventually revenue. In this case study, you’ll see […]


[Case Study]- Bing SEO vs. Google SEO


Google’s search engine and Bing’s search engine are two different search engines. When we talk about SEO, Google comes to our mind first. And it makes sense. Google currently has 64.5% of the US’s search market share. Bing having solid SEO strategy needs to be taken into account as well. It serves 21.4% of US […]


[Case Study]- 5 Examples of Big Brands Using WordPress


WordPress is an open source platform and you can use for free. It started out as a blogging platform in 2013. It is built in a way that makes it easy for any developer to deliver themes, plugin and software that is easy to incorporate into the CMS system. Its Content Management System (CMS) allows […]


[Case Study]- Facebook Videos vs. YouTube


According to the reports, Video already makes up 64% of all internet traffic, and it’s growing up to 80% of all traffic by 2019. Facebook and YouTube are two game-changing platforms have become a questioned competition in online video streaming. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and the house of all your video […]


[Case Study]- 4 Brands Proving the Importance of Live Video


Videos are dominating the internet world. According to Cisco, the internet traffic from videos alone will make up 80% of all internet traffic worldwide. And, live video takes that demand and heightens it. It has become a sensational trend in the online marketing. Many brands are already beginning to leverage this marketing strategy to connect […]


[Case Study]- Amazon vs. Google


Amazon and Google are the two best new-age companies right now.  Both become the two largest platforms in the online retail. Both the e-commerce giants operate very differently. Amazon does not use external forces to rank their products while Google uses signals from websites, social signs, history and other search-related elements to produce your search results. Google […]


[Case Study]- 3 Brands using Blogs To Increase Business


Blogging becomes one of the most effective ways to improve search rankings, outreach and increase visitors or customers coming through your site. But, when it comes to blogging for business, a lot of companies think where to start and how they can make their brands interesting. Every consumer eager to follow every word a company […]

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