1.Seat Stealers: They will come in movie hall and will sit at your place and then after arguing for 15-20 non-stop minutes they will finally leave your seat and that too like a favor on you.


2. Dirty Seat: Seats are so so dirty that one can make a face pack out of that all dust on the seat and not only this you can even discover an epic chewing gum, which must be there since stone age.

dirty seats

3. Late Comers: One thing which is not understandable is that when one is already an hour late then why is he even coming for the movie… “just to disturb others?”

late comers

4. AC Cooling: AC’s are so chilling that you take a water bottle in the hall and and when you come out of the hall that water in the bottle would have turned out into ice.

cold AC

5. Smartphone addict: People are so addict to their phone that while sitting in the movie hall they keep on operating their phone “Are they broadcasting the whole movie?”

smart phone addict

6. Funny Ringtones: You’re Watching PKP2 with full concentration and then suddenly you hear lollipop lagelu and full concentration goes down with a bang… Like seriously who use such song as phone’s ringtone.

funny ringtones

7. Chatterbox: How could you talk while watching a movie but let me tell you that these people are multi tasking. They can both talk and watch the movie at the same point of time and they talk so loud that they don’t even care that other people are getting disturbed because of them.

talking aloud over call

8. Typical Bollywood fans: Well you can find them in every movie theatre dancing on the floor while there is some item song is going on. they dance the hell out of them

bollywood fans

9.The Zubi Dubi Couples: Guys why don’t you understand that if you want to do romance movie hall is definitely not a place to do so and If you’re here for movie then please concentrate on that only. You are distracting other people.

zoobi doobi

10. Delivery Boys: They will come in between movie to deliver some beverages ordered in the break time and they will come to you and will ask you mam/sir did you ordered something and all you have to say is no as since starting you’re jut trying to watch the movie. Then after sometime the same person with come with a menu Mam/sir do you need something. Dude I am here for movie not for snacks time.

delivery people

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