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7 Facts about Building an Ever-Lasting Relationship with Your Customer!

Last updated on January 2nd, 2014 at 07:38 am

Now with the advent of social media where anything would hardly take a minute to go viral, you surely need to take care of your online reputation and relationship with the customer. Fostering relationship with your customer becomes a matter of utmost significance. Your relationship with the customer yields some wonderful productivity if good and snatches a lot if bad because of social media. So in this age when the entire world is sharing the same patio through social media try utilizing it for good where it could have harmed you if things were not carried out properly. Take it positive and leverage social media to gain best out of what is the prospective. There are n number of ways you can build an ever-lasting relationship with the customer however let me make you familiar with seven of them.

Let your customer know that his concern is actually your concern and you with the customer need a resolution to it. Take your name and customers’ name while the dealing goes on. While talking to the customer you are representing your business, mean it. Give them your introduction in the beginning and take their names while the conversation goes on. Make them feel as if you are conversing with them in person.

2. Be patient, understand that the customer is in problem

Your customer might seem a little bit harsher on you but you need to understand that they are facing trouble with something and respect them. Make sure the tone and manner of your language is as balanced as it could be. Try to make them comfortable as they are more likely to share the valuable feedback then.

3. Be a good listener

A two-way conversation is a wonderful idea however you first need to listen to your customer as to what is their concern. Take your example don’t you love it if somebody listens to you and your issues when you tell them. Who is the customer? He is a human being like you and me. We all are customers in some or the other way.
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4. It is not just sales, before and after services does matter

Make sure you are providing the best possible customer service that you have managed to from your side. You can never have a reason to poor services that you gave to your customer. Try offering ongoing support and other goodies to your customer. Let them know by your service that you are more than just willing to help. Respond their queries quickly and enthusiastically.

5. Act on the feedback of the customer

What is the benefit of listening if you have not acted on the customers’ feedback? Take it seriously. You should mean it that you need a feedback by acting on it at the right time.

6. Be transparent

You should be as transparent as you could be in this digital age. It is a critical aspect in building trust and an everlasting relationship with the customer.

7. Keep the promise

Keep your words if you have committed for a resolution to a customer. Make sure you have contacted them for the resolution within the given turnaround time. I am telling you customers track and know everything. Don’t think that they might have forgotten. Neither they forget it and nor will they forget that you did not keep your promise.

Remember your goodwill serves your business and pays you forever. You are no big champion if you have sold a product; retaining customer is also an art. You can make an ever-lasting relationship with your customers through your after sales services. Not only the specific customer but the positive word of mouth spread by him will help you grow your customer network bigger and bigger.

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