Digital Marketing Tool Of The Week: ‘QuillEngage’

Digital Marketing Tool of the week: ‘QuillEngage’


Looking for a friend who can help you with getting Google Analytics Reports, QuillEngage can share responsibilities of this relationship. This is an application that explains analytics to you and computes & delivers custom reports directly to your inboxes. It has been powered by Narrative Science’s patented advanced natural language generation engine, Quill.

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Let’s know the details

This is a tool that analyzes your website’s Google Analytics Data and supplies the significant details on a site’s KPIs, including sessions, pageviews and bounce rate. This proves to be really helpful as enabling you to understand your site’s performance referring to traffic, goals & conversions, events, e-commerce, and AdWords.

Features & Benefits

  • Insightful Website Reports
  • Google Analytics Reports has info on website traffic, referral sources, paid search through integration with Google AdWords
  • Customizing these reports is simple
  • Convenient User-interface
  • Various formats have been given to modify the look and feel of reports
  • Language conveyed is of English
  • You can integrate Quill Engage reports into reporting dashboards or applications.


Note: You can use the tool absolutely free and when wishing to upgrade to one of its paid plans, go for a single click.

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