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Google Introduces Tool for Identifying Annoying Ads

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Google has brought a new tool called Ad Experience Report for publishers that’ll help them spot how annoying and pushy their site’s ads are.

Using the tool, publishers now can know how the Better Ads Standards apply to their own sites. It gives screenshots and videos of annoying ad experiences identified to make it easy to find and fix the issues. For creating better ad experiences, visit Google’s best practices guide.

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Google plans to continue its battle against annoying ads by having Chrome automatically block them in early 2018. Purposely, Google will stop showing ads within Chrome that are not compliant with the Better Ads Standards.

As part of continuous efforts, later this year, Google will offer Funding Choices to (now in beta) to publishers and they can show a customized message to visitors using an ad blocker, inviting them to either enable ads on their site, or pay for a pass that removes all ads on that site through the new Google Contributor.

These changes are believed to assist all content creators, big and small, to continue to have a sustainable way to fund their work with online advertising.

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